The Anatomy of An Easter Instrumental Compostion



Ever wondered what goes through a composer’s mind as they are composing instrumental pieces? Want to get a backstage pass to see what goes into making a piece go from idea to reality? TWC founder Fred McKinnon has invited us backstage to learn about how he built the orchestral piece we’re using for Easter as an opener at SSCC. From his blog:

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been working on a new composition entitled “Awakening”. It’s another instrumental featuring piano with orchestral accompaniment tracks, similar to “The Coronation” that I composed for Christmas a few years ago.

I’ll be performing the entire piece as our “open” this Easter Sunday at SSCC. David Yarborough and Travis Paulding have helped create a script with stunning visuals to accompany the live performance on our LED and side screens. The performance will include grand piano, the recorded orchestral tracks, and live horns and percussion.

Read the rest of this story over at Fred’s blog (and hear listen a great audio behind the scenes breakdown of all that went into composing this).

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