The 30 Most Buzz Worthy Songs from CCLI (mid-2010)


The CCLI Top Lists are now updated, using the results of a survey of song usage to worship leaders around the country for the period between April 1, 2010 and September 30, 2010. You can find the results of the Top 25 songs at

It is at this time that I study the Top 2000 list, to find those songs that have been gaining traction over the prior year, so to find the songs that have been growing in buzz and interest over that time.

The following is the list of the Top 30 songs that has gained the greatest over that period of time. It can be assumed that these songs will be the standards of future worship lists, if they haven’t become standards already. If you are looking for new songs to inspire your church or worship team, or to build your own personal worship MP3 playlist, this is a good place to start.

A couple of notes: there were three types of songs that re-emerged on this list, likely because of the seasons that predominated during this period of time. These were: 1) Easter Songs (“In Christ Alone”, “My Redeemer Lives”), 2) Holy Spirit Songs (“Let the River Flow”, “Holy Spirit Rain Down”), and 3) Children’s songs–especially older songs (Vacation Bible School). I extracted those songs that were significantly older but re-emerged. (Those which re-emerged but were not significantly older will appear in the list below). If you are curious about these specific lists based on theme, leave a comment and I will look into it.

It should also be noted that a song’s popularity is not an indicator to the song’s orthodoxy, nor is it a guarantee that it will be a good fit for your congregation. What it does highlight are current trends based on artist popularity, or general themes that have become more of an interest due to specific hot-button issues.

And now, without further ado, a list of the top thirty “Movers” songs, sorted in the order of greatest increased usage (using the ratio between credits and total credits per survey period).

1. Our God {Redman, Matt/Tomlin, Chris/Myrin, Jonas/Reeves, Jesse} at #16 (CCLI:5677416)
2. How He Loves {McMillan, John Mark} at #21 (CCLI:5032549)
3. Glory To God Forever {Fee, Steve/Beeching, Vicky} at #33 (CCLI:5384338)
4. Awakening {Tomlin, Chris/Morgan, Reuben} at #212 (CCLI:5677399)
5. Rise And Sing {Fee, Steve} at #160 (CCLI:5621723)
6. Happy Day {Cantelon, Ben/Hughes, Tim} at #31 (CCLI:4847027)
7. Stronger {Fielding, Ben/Morgan, Reuben} at #112 (CCLI:5060810)
8. Forever Reign {Morgan, Reuben/Ingram, Jason} at #229 (CCLI:5639997)
9. Mighty To Save {Fielding, Ben/Morgan, Reuben} at #1 (CCLI:4591782)
10. Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) {Tomlin, Chris/Giglio, Louie/Excell, Edwin Othello/Rees, John P./Newton, John} at #7 (CCLI:4768151)
11. You Alone Can Rescue {Redman, Matt/Myrin, Jonas} at #135 (CCLI:5376377)
12. I Will Rise {Tomlin, Chris/Giglio, Louie/Reeves, Jesse/Maher, Matt} at #43 (CCLI:5183450)
13. Healing Is In Your Hands {Tomlin, Chris/Redman, Matt/Carson, Daniel/Nockels, Christy/Nockels, Nathan} at #277 (CCLI:5677423)
14. Alive Forever Amen {Cottrell, Travis/Moffitt, David/Smith, Sue C.} at #187 (CCLI:4190176)
15. Everlasting God {Brown, Brenton/Riley, Ken} at #4 (CCLI:4556538)
16. Your Love Never Fails {McClarney, Chris/Skinner, Anthony} at #136 (CCLI:5337172)
17. Sing Sing Sing {Tomlin, Chris/Reeves, Jesse/Gilder, Matt/Carson, Daniel/Nunn, Travis} at #42 (CCLI:5114065)
18. Christ Is Risen {Maher, Matt/Fieldes, Mia} at #281 (CCLI:5242683)
19. Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is {Tomlin, Chris/Nockels, Christy/Nockels, Nathan} at #337 (CCLI:5677447)
20. God Is Alive {Fee, Steve/Kirkland, Eddie} at #236 (CCLI:5625619)
21. Because Of Your Love {Wickham, Phil} at #279 (CCLI:5648751)
22. A Mighty Fortress {Nockels, Christy/Nockels, Nathan} at #245 (CCLI:5488935)
23. Revelation Song {Riddle, Jennie Lee} at #5 (CCLI:4447960)
24. Marvelous Light {Hall, Charlie} at #58 (CCLI:4491002)
25. Chosen Generation {Tomlin, Chris/Giglio, Louie/Carson, Daniel/Reeves, Jesse} at #442 (CCLI:5677454)
26. Hold Us Together {Maher, Matt/Wilson, Steve} at #447 (CCLI:5553657)
27. What Faith Can Do {Davis, Scott/Krippayne, Scott} at #365 (CCLI:5380356)
28. Glorious {Baloche, Paul/Brown, Brenton} at #261 (CCLI:5548521)
29. Glorious Day (Living He Loved Me) {Bleecker, Michael/Hall, Mark/Chapman, J. Wilbur} at #352 (CCLI:5638022)
30. All Because Of Jesus {Fee, Steve} at #53 (CCLI:4882903)

After your team has discovered the above list, it may be a good idea to check a second “Late Movers” song list below. These songs are those which have also gained great traction over that period (most of them new), but are sorted by CCLI#. In other words, these are the songs that probably gained a great deal of buzz, but were introduced to the general public in the very last months of this survey. Songs of this sort tend to chart very highly in the following survey period (like “Our God” by Chris Tomlin did, in the previous period).

1. I Will Follow {Morgan, Reuben/Tomlin, Chris/Ingram, Jason} at #1347 (CCLI:5806878)
2. Forgiven Forever {Cartee, Carl/Harris, Mark R./Packiam, Glenn} at #1442 (CCLI:5787423)
3. Hosanna {Fraser, Brooke/Romero, Antonio/Braun, Tania} at #1045 (CCLI:5778913)*-NOTE: this is the Spanish translation of the popular Hillsongs song.
4. Restless {Assad, Audrey/Maher, Matt} at #1988 (CCLI:5762008)
5. All Of Creation {Millard, Bart/Muckala, Dan/Bannister, Brown/Bryson, Jim/Cochran, Nathan/Graul, Barry/Scheuchzer, Mike/Shaffer, Robby} at #571 (CCLI:5760756)
6. Unstoppable {Duren, Cliff} at #1953 (CCLI:5744026)
7. Bless Your Name {Kirkland, Eddie/Younker, Brett/Fields, Todd/Fee, Steve} at #558 (CCLI:5718234)
8. Jesus Reigns {Fields, Todd/Kirkland, Eddie} at #1911 (CCLI:5718007)
9. You Made A Way {Gilman, Matt} at #1964 (CCLI:5713435)
10. Lead Me {Hammitt, Matt/Rohman, Chris/Ingram, Jason} at #1175 (CCLI:5690307)
11. Absolutely {Neufeld, Tim/Neufeld, Jon/Eskelin, Ian} at #1222 (CCLI:5683383)
12. A Thousand Amens {Timmons, Tim} at #1523 (CCLI:5682346)
13. Chosen Generation {Tomlin, Chris/Giglio, Louie/Carson, Daniel/Reeves, Jesse} at #442 (CCLI:5677454)
14. Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is {Tomlin, Chris/Nockels, Christy/Nockels, Nathan} at #337 (CCLI:5677447)
15. Healing Is In Your Hands {Tomlin, Chris/Redman, Matt/Carson, Daniel/Nockels, Christy/Nockels, Nathan} at #277 (CCLI:5677423)
16. Our God {Redman, Matt/Tomlin, Chris/Myrin, Jonas/Reeves, Jesse} at #16 (CCLI:5677416)
17. Say Say {Tomlin, Chris/Stanfill, Kristian/Nockels, Christy} at #599 (CCLI:5677409)
18. Awakening {Tomlin, Chris/Morgan, Reuben} at #212 (CCLI:5677399)
19. Like A Lion {Bashta, Daniel} at #858 (CCLI:5675274)
20. The Saving One {Neufeld, Tim/Neufeld, Jon/Fieldes, Mia} at #549 (CCLI:5673991)
21. Your Hands {Heller, David/Heller, JJ/Herzig, Katie} at #969 (CCLI:5673214)
22. The Earth Is Yours {Gungor, Michael} at #1849 (CCLI:5665655)
23. Saddle Ridge Ranch {Slaughter, Jeff} at #1528 (CCLI:5665600)
24. Like Jesus {Slaughter, Jeff} at #1675 (CCLI:5665590)
25. Beautiful Things {Gungor, Michael/Gungor, Lisa} at #740 (CCLI:5665521)
26. The Greatness Of Our God {Morgan, Reuben/Garrard, Stuart David/Ingram, Jason} at #590 (CCLI:5660739)
27. At Your Feet {Ingram, Jason/Hall, Mark} at #1447 (CCLI:5657539)
28. Deliverer {Beeching, Vicky/MacIntosh, Sarah} at #1947 (CCLI:5657498)
29. Safe {Wickham, Phil/Palmer, Timothy} at #1021 (CCLI:5653241)
30. Cielo {Wickham, Phil} at #1647 (CCLI:5653021)

Now you have two good lists to build upon. Enjoy, and praise the Lord.