Team Communication Part Two; Relationship on Purpose


Communication – the imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions, or information

I love that. Do you see that word “interchange”. That’s huge. Because there is so much responsibility in leadership, it is easy to lose focus that a leader has to be purposeful in relationship. It’s easy to forget that our work is about people, when process takes over.

One of the largest barriers to communication is difference. Everyone is different. Personalities, gifts, desires, bias. Bias is huge in church. There is so much opinion about process. This is when religion takes over and relationship ends.

How do we get through the differences? We have to plan to engage.

It’s easy for us to form groups based on how similar we are. What happens though is that we lose sight of those who are different. We have to purposefully seek out relationship with all team members. When I am not looking for it, I won’t find it. Spend time with each other. Allow for differences. Learn from others. To engage, we have to come in humility.

What happens if there is no relationship? There is no leadership.

When a leader is failing to engage, leadership still comes from somewhere. This is a time ripe for ego, struggle, mistruths and insecurities. Communication ceases to exist. Multiple visions and distorted process are laid out for everyone to see. When vision is lost, there is no focus, there is no process. There is no team.

As a leader, we have to be aware that we are a director as much, if not more than a decision maker. We can spend one week making a single decision and the next 5 years working on implementing it.

So communication is all about direction. How does this happen?

It happens when focus and passion is directed.

It happens when process and detail is laid out.

Over the next two articles, we will talk about casting vision and handling the details.