Team Communication Part Four; The Devil’s In The Details


Communication – the fact of being communicated.

There is no “maybe” in communication. It either happens or it does not. We can’t hope we communicated. we can’t wonder if we communicated. We need to be clear and absolute in getting the details across.

As a leader, this is my weakness. Details. I am a passionate guy. I get creative and I go for it. This can be very difficult for my team if they are not understanding where we are going. If I’ve laid out a clear vision, then it is all about the process to get there.

Procedure is a necessary evil. There needs to be black and white in the details. When there is gray, it is not detail. Vision is often lofty. Vision can be very creative. Procedure however, works best with the administrative portion of the brain. Of course creativity can come in how to implement the process.

When I’ve communicated my vision, I want the team to stay focused. How do I keep them focused? I get focused first and then pass that along.

I have always appreciated and agreed with the statement, “I will never ask my team to do something I am not wiling to do myself”. Amen! If I haven’t done it, I can’t teach it. I have to be organized and focused. I have to understand how to properly manage my own life, before I can manage someone else. This is tough for me. I am the creative type with a little bit of administration mixed in. I’m learning.

How do we get organized? There are so many resources to “get your life in order”. I am not going to talk about how to do this. I am horribly under qualified and I am reading the latest books and using the newest software, just like you.

So how does one communicate?

I choose to actively participate and engage in the lives of my team members.

I display to my team the passions and visions God has given me. Better yet, I show them.

I learn to live a clear and disciplined life that I can then pass on to my team.

If you are reading through all this and waiting for the “How to” section, I may have disappointed you. We are all different and we have to evaluate and implement based on who we are, who our team’s are and the resources we have at our disposal. That is different for everyone. Hopefully, some of these thoughts have encouraged you in this process.