SUNDAY SETLISTS #435: Christmas Edition!


It’s time for Sunday Setlists, CHRISTMAS EDITION, for Sunday, Dec. 11th! It can be tough to schedule a good Christmas set, balancing traditions that everyone loves, with a fresh spin. Please share your fresh ideas with the rest of your worship leader friends! Help them consider creative song choices, or arrangements – share below.

Just join us on Facebook or leave a comment here about how your worship gatherings went! Did you introduce any new songs? What other elements of your service did you include?

We would love to hear your…
Song selections
Creative elements
Set designs
What worked? What didn’t? What was a highlight of the service? Did you introduce any new songs this Sunday that you’ll be sure to sing again?

Join in the conversation below!

  • This was one of my FAVORITE Sundays of 2016, honestly. Even though our soundman was absent, & a number of our vocalists were unavailable due to illness, we were tight, the song selection was a perfect balance of fun & deeply worshipful.

    We started with a very soulful rendition of “Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree”, for which we used no tracks & just rocked like it was the mid-60’s again. So. Much. FUN!

    Next, we sang a powerful 1-2 set of “Joy to the World (Unspeakable Joy)” & “He shall reign Forevermore”, who of my favorite Christmas-themed worship songs.

    After the message, I led an original meditation I’ve been working called “God with Us” – a rewrite of “O Come O Come Emmanuel”, with every line modernized & rewritten to reflect back on Christ’s coming, & God’s enduring presence in the Holy Spirit, as opposed to the original, which is written in expectation of Jesus’ birth.

    Our team played well, & Riverstone was responsive. Looking forward to Christmas Eve Eve coming up soon!

  • Here’s what we did Sunday:

    Everlasting God
    God is Able
    My Soul Magnifies the Lord

    It was a good Sunday!