Sunday Setlists #426 – Hurricane Matthew sets


Given the events of this past week, there should be plenty to report, albeit different from your normal Sunday. Hurricane Matthew affect us profoundly (TWC Founder, Fred McKinnon, & current “TWC Guy”, Shannon Lewis both live in the Golden Isles of Georgia), & we are all thankful (overjoyed, even) to find we have homes to return to. Currently some of use are unsure whether we can even make it to our churches for Sunday service, so creative planning is going to be key.

So, were you affected by Hurricane Matthew? If so, what did you do? If not, what songs did you lead? Did you do anything new? How did your congregation respond? It’s about encouraging & building up your brothers & sisters working in the trenches Sunday to Sunday by sharing your wins & the dirt.

This is your opportunity to share your fresh ideas with the rest of your worship leader friends! Help them consider creative song choices, or arrangements – share below.

We would love to hear your:

  • Song selections
  • Creative elements
  • Readings
  • Scriptures
  • Themes
  • Set designs
  • Wins/Fails
  • Did you introduce any new songs this Sunday that you’ll be sure to sing again?

Join in the conversation below!