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Welcome to the 289th consecutive week of “Sunday Setlists!” Share your experiences from your worship gatherings. How’d it go this weekend?

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  • This morning we concluded our “Fully Orbed” series – here’s what ur gathering looked like…

  • Graham
  • I forced unexpecting church members into the choir Sunday. I don’t think I’ll get fired. But we’ll see. =)

  • B.j. Collins

    This was a very challenging weekend to launch a NEW ministry. The Upper Room Worship fellowship had its first meeting on Sunday morning at 1462 Brookline Blvd., and there were 27 people in attendance for our very first meeting. The band sounded great, and the first-ever guest minister at Upper Room Worship was pentecostal evangelist, Peter Kusko. I think he might have been a little shocked by how loud the band was, but he loved the song selection. The new ministry is to serve the under-served youth of our community, so the band is young, the sound system is thumpin’, and the lights and fog in the darkened room make for a very cool and modern worship experience. The future looks good for this young-thinking ministry, and the worship time is moving to 9 a.m., which means that the band will have to rehearse mid-week instead of in the hours before worship.

    This was Super Bowl weekend, and attendance numbers reflected this. Some extra people came out to church on Saturday night, and Sunday night’s numbers were significantly down. Even the band was smaller on Sunday night! The game started at 6:30, and the service started at 6:00. There was also the threat of snow, and by the time the service was over, the snow was coming down fast, and the roads got bad quickly.

    But, the messages had interesting topics in this week’s scriptures: On Saturday at Central Highlands Church we explored RELATIONSHIPS and our relationship to Jesus Christ. On Sunday night at Lebanon Church, it was about the verses in 2nd Peter 1:16-21, the Truth of Jesus Christ, not a made up story, but the reality that the world needs to hear in order to turn from sinfulness into the righteousness that only faith can offer.

    Friend of God
    Hallelujah, Your Love Is Amazing
    One Thing Remains (Your Love Never Fails)
    Forever Reign
    COMMUNION: Redeemer, Savior, Friend
    Mighty To Save

    You Are Good
    Build Your Kingdom Here
    I Will Follow
    Mighty To Save
    Hosanna (Hillsong)
    Glory To God Forever

    Hallelujah! The Lord Almighty Reigns
    I Found Jesus
    I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever
    OFFERING: Shake The Dust Off Your Feet (by B.J. Collins)
    My Hope Is You

    Most powerful and anointed song of the week: Hosanna (Hillsong).

    Most FUN song enjoyed by band members: You Are Good.