Sunday Setlists #243

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Share your worship confessionals, recaps, and setlists for the week of: Sunday, March 17, 2012

Welcome to the 243rd consecutive week of “Sunday Setlists!”

Share your experiences from your worship gatherings. How’d it go this weekend?

What songs did you sing? What creative elements did you incorporate into your service? Any special readings, videos, or songs?

Join others from all over as we share our Sunday Setlists!

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    It was a good morning. I encountered Zephaniah 4:17 this week which led me to Mighty to Save. I’d tried it a couple of times before and wasn’t sure it was right for our church but tried it again and it was beautiful.

  2. Terry TimmTerry Timm03-17-2013

    Sweet time of worship this morning –

  3. Ryan LocheRyan Loche03-17-2013

    We launched our third worship venue this week!

  4. fmckinnonfmckinnon03-17-2013

    Leading through the funk. I really, really, really struggled today … a post about leading in the midst of conflict:

  5. Chris GambillChris Gambill03-18-2013

    The entire service was focused around the Last Supper / Communion.

  6. Better Is One Day, Hallelujah (Your Love is Amazing), Undo, Our God – great morning of worship!

  7. Eric FrischEric Frisch03-18-2013

    Just posted my first recap in a long time at

  8. Rob StillRob Still03-18-2013

    Now I’m leading the choir for the traditional service too, let the good times roll

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