Sunday Setlists #187

Share your worship confessionals, recaps, and setlists for the week of: Sunday, February 19, 2012

Welcome to the 187th consecutive week of “Sunday Setlists”. The purpose of “Sunday Setlists” is to share a recap of your worship services. What songs did you use, what arrangements? What worked really well and what didn’t work as well as you’d like? What issues did you have preparing? What is the sermon series? How about creative elements used in the service? You don’t have to be the pastor or worship leader to participate. We would really love to get reviews from the perspective of those in our congregations each week.

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  • Bill Horn

    Hope you all had a great weekend worshiping together!

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  • Michael H Smith

    It was a big weekend for our students and their passion for God was evident. All of us could learn something from how they got ready for worship

  • Rob Still

    Today was simple, rockin, and wholehearted

  • Barry Westman

    Here’s our recap! We changed things up today, and it went great!

  • Christopher Bartell

    Great worship yesterday!

  • Scott Kantner

    Anybody else ever find that a keyboard patch sounds better at rehearsal than on a Sunday morning? Changing to something that better fits the mood on-the-fly always feels risky, but it almost seems like it’s a skill you really need to have.

  • fmckinnon

    Posted — the Crowder version of “Because He Lives” has become a favorite, for sure!

  • Jenniepitney

    It was our last in a sermon series of “Feeding the Hungers of Our Community.” We had fun closing with a “surfer” version of “They’ll Know We Are Christians.”

    Our set was:
    Unfailing Love/Vineyard
    Hallelujah(Your Love Is Amazing)/Brown & Doerksen
    Lord, You Have My Heart/Delirious
    I Will Follow/Tomlin
    They’ll Know We Are Christians/Scholtes

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  • Wesley Schmunk

    Had a great Sunday reflecting on what “vision” means for me and our church.

  • Adam Roth Johnson