Sunday Setlists #183


Share your worship confessionals, recaps, and setlists for the week of: Sunday, January 22, 2012

Welcome to the 183rd consecutive week of “Sunday Setlists”. The purpose of “Sunday Setlists” is to share a recap of your worship services. What songs did you use, what arrangements? What worked really well and what didn’t work as well as you’d like? What issues did you have preparing? What is the sermon series? How about creative elements used in the service? You don’t have to be the pastor or worship leader to participate. We would really love to get reviews from the perspective of those in our congregations each week.

Also be sure to join us for our online group Bible study, beginning Monday, February 6, 2012. We’ll be using Dwayne Moore’s Heaven’s Praise. You’ll need your own copy of the book. See this post for details and make sure to check in at our forums.

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  • not seeing the Mr. Linky coming up

    • Thanks for the heads up, Marcus. Got it fixed.

  • Ben Arnold

    I read these every week; finally decided to share! We talked about launching into ministry today, and I wanted to emphasize the greatness of our God.
    Be Thou My Vision/ Mary Byrne
    Revelation Song (with a verse of Holy Holy Holy)/ Jenny Riddle
    Jesus Draw Me Close/ Rick Founds
    We did “My Hope Is Built” after the sermon, and “How Great Is Our God” to finish up. We’re finally getting feedback in the church where people are connecting with God instead of just singing songs. This is awesome!

  • Hope you all had a great weekend of worship!

  • Hope everyone has a great Sunday of worship.


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  • Lori Biddle

    Great Saturday and Sunday at Crossroads!

  • We had a pretty good Sunday. People were really moved.

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  • Had to use back-up plan today, it was great!

  • Jenniepitney

    We have started rotating instrumentalists and vocalists… a little more complicated on several levels, but definitely worth the effort to expand the team. Our set list yesterday:
    I Have Decided to Follow Jesus/traditional
    You Are Holy (Prince of Peace)/Michael W Smith arr.
    I Will Follow/Tomlin
    Fisher of Men/Wes King

  • Good services this week. Thankfully the snow melted so people could get to church!

  • I couldn’t keep focused and energized this week. Glad to have gotten some good rest last night.

  • A great service led by one of our young musicians. And a video from “Fiddler.”

  • Dtleroy

    Great resource – thanks! Here’s our list from Sunday, Jan. 22
    Everlasting God
    Victory Chant (oldie, but still fun with new arr.)
    All Because of Jesus
    Your Grace is Enough
    Glorious One
    Stay Amazed (great Gateway tune)
    Choir sang “Waymaker” (again an oldie by Christ Church, but just what we needed right now)

    • I remember “Victory Chant.” We’d get a bunch of percussion instruments out.

  • Just set up a wordpress blog so I can join in the fun here.

  • Cheryl Concimino

    Hi all, call me lazy, but I prefer to see the setlists here instead of following links away and, as my ADD kicks in, getting distracted with all the bright colorful blog skins and intriguing links and pretty advertisements. Sigh. We all have our challenges :)

    Our set last week was
    How Can I Keep From Singing
    Magnificent (Matt Redman)
    My Love for You (Jeremy Riddle)