Sunday Setlists #180 – Happy New Year!!


Share your worship confessionals, recaps, and setlists for the week of: Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year from The Worship Community!

Welcome to the 180th consecutive week of “Sunday Setlists.”

The purpose of “Sunday Setlists” is to share a recap of your worship services. What songs did you use, what arrangements? What worked really well and what didn’t work as well as you’d like? What issues did you have preparing? What is the sermon series? How about creative elements used in the service? You don’t have to be the pastor or worship leader to participate. We would really love to get reviews from the perspective of those in our congregations each week.

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  • Anonymous

    Great New Year’s Worship at Journey this week! 2012 is off to a great start!

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  • Josh Perry

    Happy New Year’s to all! What a great way to start the year, worshipping an almighty, awesome God!

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  • Hope you all had a great weekend of worship! Happy New Year!

  • Jenniepitney

    Our congregation did John Wesley’s Covenant Renewal Service. Our music for the service was:
    “All Creation Sing (Joy To the World)”/Fee;
    “Holy”/Brenton Brown;
    “Moving Forward”/Israel Houghton;
    “Yesterday, Today & Forever/Vicky Beeching

  • Fred Perkins

    We did our set without a drummer so I had to slow it up a bit – My Savior My God, Forever Reign, You Never Ket Go and Always. Wanted to start the new year off reaffirning that God is faithful, no matter what we see or feel – “…my God will come through. Always.”

    • Always rough going without a drummer, unless you’re going for an acoustic set. I help with our youth band and our bassist can’t always make it. I could switch from drums to bass to provide the bottom end, but most the kids who come would notice drums being missing than the bass.

  • Debflack

    My first Sunday leading, and without much notice (yikes!) – but I think I did okay.
    I want to be led by the Spirit, and when I told my husband (our main worship leader) that I know there is more to leading worship than simply leading songs, he said that Spirit-led worship comes with experience. I am encouraged to know that I can learn it in time.

    Thank you for all the resources on this site!

    • I agree. You grow accustomed to how God will often lead you individually so you can lead others.

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  • Lori Biddle

    Man…they came to worship Sunday! It was awesome! You can watch our services at (we don’t do a separate mix so be kind!) ha!

    Have a blessed week!

    • I hear you on the separate mix. Sometimes I can’t even get the audio guys to remember to at least check the gain we’re sending to the video. :)

  • We were surprised by the number of people who came to worship on this Sunday and they CAME to WORSHIP

    • So were we, except on the end. Very low attendance but wonderful participation.

  • Scaled down worship with an old classical/Spanish guitar. If both my parents were Mexican (instead of just one), I might be able to play it better.

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  • Kevin Logsdon

    New Year’s Day Worship