Stir Up Gratitude To Fuel Worship


Sometimes, when life is beating us down or when circumstances just leave us feeling stuck, it can be tough to just overflow with authentic worship. Sometimes our eyes get moved off of God and onto our situation. Sometimes we can’t get past the way we feel.

Worship is the antidote for these low points. But how do we just jump into worship? Especially, if we’re really feeling the funk?

For me, I’ve found that stirring up my gratitude is a great springboard to worship. The next time you are feeling stuck and not feeling like sincere worship is just overflowing from your heart try this:

Ask yourself “What am I thankful for?”

Truly, allow yourself a focused moment to really contemplate the things for which you are grateful.

What has God been speaking to you lately (through Scripture, through what you can see, through other people)?
What has God done in the past for you?
Who are the people that love you in your life?
What life-giving events have happened in your life recently? The kind that recharge your batteries?
When has God blessed you with provision (financially or otherwise)?

There are many things we can be thankful for. If you ponder long enough your heart will begin to shift from that low place to a place of gratitude. Thanking God for all these things will begin to move our focus to worship (which means our focus will be on God!).

Ultimately, being thankful brings our mind back to KINGDOM life and this gratitude is a great springboard for our worship and service to God!