Songs for Lent & Easter


Today is the first day of Lent. Lent is a time to prepare your heart for Easter through prayer, fasting, & repentance. Enjoy this simple Spotify Easter/Lenten playlist for your own spiritual benefit, & maybe it will be a source of fresh ideas for your services this Season.

  • Nick Alexander

    Yeah…. it would be great if the Lent and Easter subjects were separated, being that, for some denominations, it is inappropriate to utter the term “Hallelujah” during Lent.

    The songs about the cross are great for Holy Week. Looking through the list, only “Lord Have Mercy” (over 15 years old) is Lenten. It would be great if there were more entries about this.

    • I agree! Seems we’ve discovered a Lenten “song hole” that worship songwriters should consider filling. Of course, if this subject is a passion of yours, we’re accepting contribution for new content!

      • Nick Alexander

        So far, my only CCLI-entried song that has gained stature for Lent is, well, not appropriate for Church services (but it is wonderful for evangelism, and for fans of 80s pop). “Enjoy”.