Review: Radiate by Todd Anderson


Thanks to Kim Castro, TWC Member, for sharing this review!

Todd Anderson is a worship leader based in California’s central valley and has been songwriting and leading church services and events since 1992. Todd is Pastor of Worship at Northpointe Community Church in Fresno, California. He is also husband to Melanie and father to two beautiful girls.

In 2010 Todd went on a missions trip to India, which affected him emotionally, spiritually, and musically. The experience opened his eyes wide to the issues of global poverty and the thousands of orphans yearning for loving homes. Todd states, “The trip has also cemented the decision for our family to adopt a child from India! We will be excited to welcome a beautiful little four-year-old girl into our family very soon. Part of the motivation for doing the album was to help us raise some funds to help with the costs associated with the international adoption.”

Todd has produced four recording projects. His latest, “Radiate”, is a deeply personal collection of worship, praise, and story songs. And yet the album also unites worshipers with the broad themes of God’s greatness, faithfulness, and love.

*”Light of the World” is a strong opening anthem. It begins with a powerful sound incorporating ringing electric guitars and a strong tempo set by the drums. The melody, which is very catchy, especially in the chorus, is supported well by Todd’s voice. The song holds the listener’s interest by being unpredictable, and a bridge that shakes up the tempo really adds to the power of the song. Definitely a song to open a worship setlist!

*A personal favorite of mine is “Joseph Ssekematte”, a story song about a child Todd’s family has been financially supporting since about 2003. It begins lightheartedly, with a bouncing rhythm on acoustic guitar and harmonica. The song has a delightfully upbeat tone. But Todd delves deeper into his heart as he sings, “though I never met you, I think about you all the time. And I hope you have enough, and I hope you come to know the Father’s perfect love…” A very heartfelt, sweet song.

*The tone of the next song, “10,000 Voices”, becomes reverent as acoustic guitar introduces the chord progression. Todd begins, “10,000 voices singing out just to sing about how great you are…” The song builds as bass and electric guitar join in on the chorus. Drums pick up the tempo in the second verse and a full sound develops. This is an excellent praise song-singable, personal, and heartfelt. I can see this song in the middle of a setlist during corporate worship. The bridge, with repeats of “Hallelujah…God be praised!” adds just the right touch of joy.

*”O Great God”, the ending track of the album, is fast paced, with electric guitar, drums, and bass setting a dramatic backdrop. This is a song to move to, whether with hands raised or even a little bit of dancing! I can’t help but feel the joy as Todd sings, “All glory, all honor, all power is to you!” This phrase repeats, then ends quietly, “be exalted here.” There is excellent use of dynamic and tempo changes, which makes the song fun to sing. This song will definitely get the congregation on their feet!

Overall, “Radiate” is eminently creative, powerful, and singable. Recorded almost exclusively in a home studio, this album shines with originality and hard work. A worshipper or worship leader looking for songs that are true, personal, and fun should look no further than Todd Anderson’s “Radiate”.

In Todd’s words, “Radiate is all about how God radiates his love to us and we radiate His love to others. It’s about caring about the things that God cares about. I hope that it inspires people to think about what God wants us to do to care for the needs of others.”
I believe Todd accomplishes that and more. Kudos on a job well done. |

Kim Castro is a worship leader and songwriter hailing from central California. Her heart is to obey the Great Commission and to serve others as God leads.