Review: Your Word by Weekend Warrior Worship


Founded to enable the church to connect with its ‘weekend warrior songwriters’, Weekend Warrior Worship’s music is a collaboration between songwriters and producer Jeff McCullough of Tree Hill Media. Each project brings meaningful, well-written songs in a fresh presentation intended to offer new worship resources to the church. Neither a band nor a church ministry, Weekend Warrior Worship is instead focused entirely on the songs themselves. Each production is designed to give the songs their best possible voice, and the songs themselves are chosen with criteria that stresses biblical integrity and musical quality. Weekend Warrior Worship’s songs are performed by aspiring and established artists whose heart’s desire is to help the church worship.

Thanks to Melanie Siewert for providing this review for The Worship Community:

Your Word by Weekend Warrior Worship is the first EP of the works by Mark Snyder (, and the brilliant production of Jeff McCullough (  The vision behind Weekend Warrior Worship is to provide a professional avenue for amateur songwriters who enjoy writing songs from and for the local church.  Any proceeds this project receives goes to sustain the project.  So, please check them out on iTunes, and support them with your purchases.

I Choose To Praise You is a great song for any congregation desiring to praise the living God no matter what struggles come their way.   I love the dynamics of this song.  It begins with a soft and smooth verse/chorus, builds to a strong verse/chorus, continues with an even stronger bridge, and then closes with the sweetness of the verse.  Stylistically, the vocals are within the range of most female vocalists.  I recommend this song for both traditional and contemporary congregations.

Death Could Not Hold You has an “old west” feel, which is really cool to me.  I love the depth the guitars and drums give to the song.  The male vocalist has a deep, rich tone in his voice, which makes it perfect for this style.  Lyrically, Death Could Not Hold You sets the imagery at Calvary.  Stylistically, the vocal range is great for most male vocals.  I recommend this song for contemporary services.

All Glory has some country music comfort to it.  The lyrics reveal a humility only those in Christ experience.  Words like “We will humble all our prideful hearts
So there is nothing left but You” can only come from those who have been broken, and realize God’s mercy heals us as we worship and adore him.  Vocals are within the normal range for females.  I recommend All Glory for both traditional and contemporary congregations.

I Worship You Alone is another beautiful worship song in this EP.  Based on Revelation 4, it expresses the heart’s cry of those who desire to draw near God’s throne.  I recommend this song for both traditional and contemporary worship gatherings.

Let His Name has a great flow and very powerful male vocals.  When the song builds to a strong chorus, the lead vocal jumps an octave.  As much as I love the flow of this song, I’m not sure how many men can sing the same range.  Lyrically, the title explains it.  “Let his name be lifted high.”  It’s a great song for contemporary congregations.

All the works here are well written and beautifully produced.  I highly encourage congregations to consider using these songs in their congregational music set lists.  I also pray this project is the first of many for Weekend Warrior Worship, and their vision sparks more visions across the country to inspire believers to write from their hearts to glory in the Lord.  Again, please support this project through iTunes.  They have a great vision for songwriters of worship music.


On a side note, we at The Worship Community are very proud to see Mark Snyder (a twc member) launching this project! Way to go, Mark!