Review: Who We Are by TWC Member Eddy Mann


If you’re a fan of simple, laid back and encouraging worship music with a soulful folk sound, you’ll love Eddy Mann’s Who We Are. At The Worship Community we’re always proud to share projects from our members and contributors! Eddy released this one in October 2012.

The project opens up with Beautiful Day – a simple acoustic guitar driven song of praise with lyrics declaring: “O Lord, it’s a beautiful day/All of creation is singing Your praise/The heavens are swaying in a joyful way/O Lord, it’s a beautiful day.” I love that this is a stripped down version of this song, because at it’s most basic essence, the song works. Add to it any arrangement you like and this song will work in just about any environment of worship you can think of.

One of my favorite songs from the album, I Will Sing, is one of the most simply and straightforward penned songs on the album. The truths in each line are simple, yet profound and cover a lot of the wonderful attributes of God. Also a good deal of simple, catchy, and memorable guitar work on this one.

Another favorite is My Grateful Heart. I’m a sucker for anything in 3 or 6 so this one draws me in from the get-go!

Lead Me Down The Road and Livin’ My Life are both songs of encouragement for us as we live and work for the Kingdom day in and day out.

Some of my favorite lines from the project comes from the song We’re Living The Mystery.“We’re loving from a sacred stance/We’re rocking a graceful dance/We’re strengthened by the vine to the branch/We’re living the mystery.”

One of the great things about Eddy’s songs is that they are filled with great, rich Biblical truths, but they are not watered down or over-amplified by flowery language. Christ Will Come Again is a great example of this.

I love how the project closes with the promise of return. “He’s coming, He’s coming to shepherd His love/In His arms He will hold us, with the blessing from above/He’s coming, He’s coming to shepherd His love/In His words He will guide us with the power from above.

You can be a blessing to Eddy by visiting his website and purchasing his music. We highly recommend supporting independent worship leaders and artists, and we HIGHLY recommend purchasing Who We Are and showing Eddy some community love! | facebook | twitter