Review: Vineyard UK’s My Soul Yearns


Thanks to Jesse Gordon & Melanie Siewert for sharing their insights on Vineyard UK’s latest project, My Soul Yearns.

Recorded live at the 2011 Vineyard National Leaders Conference along with 1000 attendees comprising of leaders from the UK, Ireland and European Vineyard churches, My Soul Yearns releases today (Sept. 13) from Kingsway with EMI CMG Distribution in the US.  The acclaimed album offers new and recently released worship songs that capture the heart and passion of Vineyard worship.

Released September 13, 2001 (in the U.S.) it’s available at iTunes.

Jesse: [ @jessebgordon ]

In My Soul Yearns, Vineyard UK has given the Church a set of simple, scripture-laden songs. Overall, the album is a great new offering, with a nice flow of service that could be helpful for worship leaders and planners to consider. In my mind, the overall feel of the album can be summed up in one word: Adoration! This set of songs absolutely overflows with adoration of God, for His work through Christ on the cross and in his Church today. While all of the songs on the album would be appropriate for corporate worship, I found three to stand out from the rest.

Hear the Sound is a great call to worship. It has a nice driving tempo, simple melody, builds very well, and has some really interesting chord changes. My favorite line in the song is the doxological line at the end, proclaiming, “All the Glory and honor, thanks and praise goes to You!”

Jesus Name is another stand-out track on the album. I love the strait up adoration and proclamation found in this song. The entire song is basically scripture, which I am always drawn to. The refrain of the song is great, singing, “Every knee will bow in heaven and the earth, And every eye will see the measure of Your worth, There is no one like You, risen Son of God, Holy is Your name, Holy is Your name!” I find that this song was particularly easy to sing, would be easy to sing by men and women alike, and the ending is a strong doxology. This song would be great to tag onto another song with the same idea, as you don’t necessarily have to sing it through as many times as they did on the album.

My favorite track on the album is by far Adore Him. This track is absolutely haunting. I love the melody, especially of the chorus, although the structure of the entire song is fantastic. I love the slide guitar, as it adds another vocal-like texture to the arrangement. This song builds particularly well, and emphasizes the text perfectly. I know I keep harping on it, but I again love the doxological nature of the end of the song. This song would work very well as a song of response.

Overall, this is a great collection of new songs, and the slightly more up-tempo version of Sweetly Broken is a nice change of pace. I believe that while any of the songs would be great for corporate worship, the three I’ve mentioned above are the best tracks on the album.

Jesse Gordon loves to lead and sing with my church family.  I’ve been in music ministry in non-vocational but consistent roles for about 9 years either as the worship leader or a member of a band.  I enjoy the book of Hebrews, guitars, coffee, a good book, and robust dialogue a.k.a. a good debate.


Vineyard has a long and rich history of bringing accessible praise and worship music.  When I say “accessible,” I mean they write music that most musicians can pick up, learn, and sing/play in their local congregations.  Melodies are catchy, vocal range is accessible, melodic intervals are manageable, and the instrumental dynamics allow for other arrangements.  My Soul Yearns continues Vineyard’s focus of bringing music for the church by the church.  According to their website, this album “is an authentic expression of how God is moving with Holy power through the Vineyard UK & Ireland movement where worship is one of its cornerstones.”

My Soul Yearns is a live album featuring 4 worship leaders, each leading 3 songs at the 2011 Vineyard National Leaders Conference.  Carly Billingham, Dave Miller, Samuel Lane and Joe Blustin bring Vineyard UK’s passion for Jesus Christ from UK/Ireland to the US.  Every song is suitable for congregational worship in both traditional and contemporary settings.  Among my favorites are Love Rain Down, The Lamb Has Conquered and Sweetly Broken.

I love the lyrics in Love Rain Down. It’s gets to the heart of the motivation of our “mission.”  We cannot and should not go out until we are filled with the Holy Spirit.  We cannot give Christ’s love away until we are filled with his love ourselves.  It’s a great way of poetically expressing the greatest commandment overflowing to love for our neighbors.  “This is our prayer that your love and your power would come like an ancient day, so your word will be heard and history is made as lives are changed” beautifully expresses the Great Commission.  The chorus (“Love rain down, fill us up and send us out to the cities and towns, one by one to see your kingdom come”) then expresses the need to be filled with the Spirit before being “sent out.”  It’s a great congregational song, and I highly recommend it for Sunday set lists.

The Lamb Has Conquered is an anthem-like song that celebrates the work of the cross.  It starts off kind of soft but it picks up to a strong chorus.  There is a section of the song that’s only drums and vocals, making it sound like a march to the drums.  In essence, this song expresses the Gospel, including the coming kingdom.  I highly recommend this song for Sunday set lists.

Sweetly Broken is a great song of surrender and redemption. “At the cross you beckon me, you draw me gently to my knees, and I am lost for words, so lost in love, I’m sweetly broken, holy surrendered” beautifully expresses the heart of the believer.  Since Christ’s love pursues us, we’re brought to the beautiful brokenness as we follow his ways.  I highly recommend this for congregational worship.

Every song in My Soul Yearns makes a great addition to a worship team’s library.  They have theology, poetry, and beauty.

For a more detailed song-by-song review, please check out my BLOG.

Melanie is a Christ follower, wife to a wonderful man of God, and mother of two incredible boys. She has several years experience mentoring high school worship bands, and desires to continually write music for the Lord’s church.