Review: The Mystery of Faith by Glenn Packiam + You Ask Glenn



Glenn Packiam has released The Mystery of Faith from Integrity Music today.

With The Mystery of Faith EP, Packiam shares six new songs woven together with the Nicene Creed and a spoken-word prayer to express the shared foundational beliefs of Christianity while “telling the story of our faith.” The songs were penned by Packiam with guest co-writers Desperation Band’s Jon Egan (Magnified/I Am Free), Dove Award winning “Songwriter of the Year” Jennie Lee Riddle (Revelation Song/One True God), Dove Award winning producer/songwriter Ian Eskelin (Crazy Love/Beautiful, Beautiful) and best-selling author Ian Cron (Chasing Francis).

Ask Glenn questions about his new project & ebook…

We’ll be sending 10 or so questions to Glenn for him to answer. He was so gracious last time and answered our questions via video. If you could sit down with Glenn and listen to his heart and allow him to coach you in songwriting and leading worship, what ONE question would you ask? Please limit yourself to just ONE (1) question! Ask your question in the COMMENTS BELOW. We’ll follow up this post with another post with his responses!

From the first track, Victorious God with bold truths like, “Look what the Lord has done/The battle has been won,” to the last track, Our Messiah Reigns with lyrics like, “Glory to the Lamb / Who died and rose again / Exalted over all / Our Messiah reigns” this project is filled with beautiful expressions of musical worship and elements based on a modern liturgical service.

Glenn is an accomplished songwriter and communicates the truths found in scripture in a simple, creative and challenging way. This project is filled with songs that can be used in collective worship settings, but also includes elements like The Nicene Creed and Prayer of Confession which are elements for informing faith.

Glenn will be hosting a special live service TONIGHT…

to celebrate the release of The Mystery of Faith and will be available to viewers world wide via WorshipStream. 6:30 pm MST (8:30 pm EST)

Releasing today along with this project is a companion ebook titled Discover The Mystery of Faith from David C Cook. “What if the way we worship isn’t just an expression of our faith, but is what shapes our faith?” This is the question Glenn poses as he examines the concept of corporate worship in the light of an ancient Christian faith.

Packiam, who serves as pastor of new life DOWNTOWN in Colorado Springs, Colorado, says the projects represent a renewal of his love of theology and the history of the Church as well as his journey to answer that basic question. He shares a bit of this journey at The Story Behind The Mystery Of Faith:

With his book Discover The Mystery of Faith, Packiam draws from his own discovery of ancient worship practices, helping modern believers understand why the Church has made creedal proclamations and Psalm-praying a regular part of their worship. And he challenges Christians to discover why the Lord’s Table has been the climactic point of the liturgy’s “re-telling of the salvation story.”

Free ebook: Discover the Mystery of Faith EXPERIENCE: How Worship Shapes Believing | $3.99 Ebook: Discover the Mystery of Faith: How Worship Shapes Believing (actual book).

“When our worship becomes a rich feast, our faith is nourished and no longer anemic,” he adds. “The more our worship speaks of Christ, the more we enter into the mystery of faith.”

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