Review: The Invisible by Daniel Bashta


Daniel Bashta - The Invisible cover

Today, Daniel Bashta, who penned God’s Not Dead (Like A Lion) released a highly anticipated follow up to The Sounds of Daniel Bashta.

The Invisible picks up where The Sounds of Daniel Bashta left off. With a gutsy, raw and gritty sound, this project delves deep into conviction, courage, and compassion. From the first song, I Want It All (Just Give Me Jesus), to the last album on the track, Behold The Lamb, we can’t help but turn our attention towards God and His Kingdom. We highly recommend The Invisible for worshipers of every age and for churches and worship ministries of all sizes. You’ll definitely be adding these songs to your Sunday Setlists!

Not many artists can pull off putting together a project filled with songs that work both for personal challenge and devotion and also translate well into a corporate setting. Daniel pulls it off with this project.

You’ll definitely want to incorporate this album into your playlists for personal encouragement AND for your worship gatherings.

With a sound that marries beautiful instrumental work and vocals and just the right amount of production, The Invisible is one of those albums that sticks with you after listening.

The hooks are memorable and the lyrics are not only challenging, but they are also capture and express great Scriptural truths.

A favorite of mine is the song Praise The Invisible, which is a very singable anthem (and also our featured song this week at TWC). We’ll be incorporating this into our setlists as soon as possible.

In The Ruins is a beautiful song that expresses hope and joy.

Behold The Lamb almost sings itself. It is very memorable and easy to sing along. A great song for choirs and corporate gatherings.

Great Is The Lord is yet another corporate song that will work well in just about every environment.

Deliver Us showcases some great string work, but can be adapted to work any most worship settings.


A song of healing written from a personal place of desolation, Let Hope In expresses the literal, spiritual devastation of infertility and the miracles that sprang out of their desert.

Married five years, Daniel and his wife, Taylor, like millions of young couples, had experienced infertility and were checking into their medical options. Beneath the surface, they knew God had always planned for them to adopt. So instead of waiting for answers that might not come, the Bashtas created their family profile with Polaroid pictures in a composition notebook and turned it in to Bethany Christian Services on a Thursday afternoon. Within a few weeks, they got a call: a birth mother had chosen them to be her baby’s family.

Around this same time, Daniel had written “Like A Lion,” an anthem that would, financially, make adoption possible. “When God places a mission inside of you, when he gives you a heart for something, he’s faithful to take care of it,” Daniel explains, “in ways you can’t even begin to understand.”

Months later, in the hospital on the day of their son Phoenix’s birth, the Bashtas would begin to get a glimpse of the care with which God had been writing their story. “We were sitting there with the birth mother, and my sister brought in a little lion. I told Phoenix’s birth mom, ‘We don’t do teddy bears in our family; we do lions.’ And then she told us a part of her story we had not heard. She’d been given an ultimatum: either have an abortion or get out of the house. So she moved to Atlanta, heard about Bethany Christian Agency on MTV and had the courage to walk in and check it out. Around that same time, a friend took her to Passion City church, she said, and some guy on stage (Chris Tomlin) started singing some song about a lion and a roar. She remembered it clearly because during that song, she felt a presence come over her. ‘I never knew you could feel God, like I felt God in that moment,’ she said. She sat down and started journaling the lyrics to the song, ‘Like A Lion.’

We all started crying in the hospital room,” Daniel says, “To know that my son has such a calling in this life, even before he was born, that his dad’s song was being sung over him… I thought I knew what God was capable of, but we experienced his faithfulness in such a miraculous way.”

And that miracle led straight to another. Within a few months, the Bashtas were pregnant, later giving birth to a daughter, Bravery Annette, now 11 months. They’ve already started the process for their second adoption. “God’s the pilot, so we’re just going to jump on board and see where he takes us,” Daniel says. “We’re not getting any sleep anyway, so let’s just do it. We can sleep in a couple of years!”


This album overall is definitely one you’ll want to grab as quickly as you can. One of the things that has always struck me about Daniel Bashta is that the songs he delivers are always so challenging and encouraging at the same time.

We highly recommend this one for Worship Leaders and worshipers of every size church and in any type of gathering!

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