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Caroline Cobb’s new album, The Blood and the Breath was born from a simple sounding but challenging endeavor – to write a song from every book of the Bible. This gem of an album that Caroline now shares is the fruit of that effort.

As Caroline puts it: “My hope for this album it that it would take you on a journey through scripture, beginning with creation and ending with the second coming of Christ, with every song pointing to Jesus’ death, resurrection, and return.” Listening to the record, you will find her hope is not in vain.

Caroline’s songwriting is exceptional. She tells these stories with creativity and rich, hymn like metaphors, all the while keeping a down-to-earth quality that will connect you to her subject manner. If you love the old hymns, you won’t be disappointed here. If you love the honest, creative writing of Rich Mullins, you won’t be disappointed here. If you love John Mark MccMillan, likewise, you won’t be disappointed here.

Produced by Josh Moore and recorded at Shane and Shane’s studio in Texas, this album is country inspired singer songwriter, with a touch of gritty blues thrown in. These songs are big and bold. The production values are excellent, with some great acoustic work and not a few creative instrumentals, including some good old fashioned rolling organ. This album has a great artistic vision and carries it through. The artistic integrity of Caroline’s voice, songwriting, and heart to share the gospel shines through.

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There are several songs your church will want to pick up from this album. My favorite is All the Stars, which, even though it is a story song about Abraham, enjoins you to sing along about the wonderful promises of God, and so enter in to worship.

Download: ALL THE STARS Chord Chart Key B

The opening track, From Him to Him is a great song that joins the entire arc of the redemption story, from creation to heavenly redemption, together. Breathe of God, is a great melody you will latch on to right away, and is a straight up country song that is lyrically simple and easy to grasp. For Resurrection Sunday, He Is Risen features great prosody in a 3/4 style with a memorable melody and a rich, hymn like quality.

But you really need to listen to all of this album to experience what Caroline has to offer. Like her writing and her singing, her goals are big – to share with you and the world the wonderful story of Redemption. Do yourself a favor and get one for you and share it with whoever you can. You will enjoy the journey with her.

What others are saying:

“Listening to The Blood and The Breath is like sojourning through the topography and stories of the Bible, beginning in Genesis and ending with the return of Christ. And just as in Scripture, each song points to the cross. Caroline paints the scene with roots music that makes me feel like I’m there, walking the dusty roads of ancient Israel and the hard trails of the wilderness. And her lyrics are both direct and metaphorical, allowing us to experience well-known stories and often-taught truths in a new way.”Bobby Gilles, My Song in the Night

“The biblical narrative is a story of creation, fall, redemption and a final restoration. Caroline Cobb Smith tells this story with fresh, penetrating lyrics and a gentle, inviting voice. The album represents her own creative musical writing and her personal love for the Redeemer of whom she sings. The biblical message is clear and penetrating. You won’t be disappointed!”Dr. Dennis Hollinger, President Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

“I love Caroline’s vision for telling The Story of redemption through her music. Featuring some of my favorite players, this is a project you will definitely want to check out!”Kevin Twit, Indelible Grace

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