The British band Rivers & Robots recently released their third album. If you are not familiar, you can find selections of their catalog on Noisetrade and all of their music is available for purchase from most music outlets.

For their latest, THE ETERNAL SON, they channel a range of sounds and explore some very creative arrangements. Several of the songs on this project are a perfect fit for a Sunday morning while others are more personal in nature. Particularly strong for youth services, Rivers & Robots’ music has a significantly different sound from much of what is currently being released, sounding youthful & passionate without replicating the current popular musical trends.

To be honest, this was a slow release to review because I’d much rather listen to it than write about it! There is a joy in the music hidden here. Every song is just an overflow of the band’s relationship with and passion for Jesus.


One that could work corporately is “One day with You.” Despite its electronic feel, at its core, it’s a simple progression & can be re-arranged to fit most any band. The whole song is about how one day with God is better than anything else. The direct lyrics cause you to think on the Lord and His sweet presence.

Immediately following is the piano-driven “To the Highest Place,” centered on who Christ is & how He humbled Himself to become one of us, resulting in reflection & praise!

Who is Like Our God” is one of the most beautiful songs on the album. It shines due to the harmonies and the antiphonal moments where the singers sing off one another.

Lastly, I love “High Priest”, but it is a bit different & likely will not work well in a typical church service. That said, it’s well worth repeated listens, & possibly attempting as a special.

THE ETERNAL SON is not only the CD title, but also it’s theme. This is a full album of worship to Jesus. Though I don’t have room here to analyze every song, I assure you that there are no slouches here. Recommended.


Mathew Garrett Reames is a musician, missionary, worshiper, a lover of the Word, & a Bible teacher based in Lawrence, KS.