Review: Only King Forever by Elevation Worship



Only King Forever by Elevation Worship
Available Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Elevation Worship, the worship ministry of Elevation Church has released Only King Forever. The church launched their 10th campus this year and saw over 3,000 people come through the doors that first weekend. The sixth album from Elevation Worship, Only King Forever, is a collection of 13 new songs praising God as the eternal King, and raising our banner high as children of the King. The new album releases January 14, 2014.

We asked the band what the “heart” that drove the album was. Chris Brown, worship leader, says, “Our songwriting always flows out of what God is doing in and through Elevation Church. As we wrote this album over the last year, a common thread showed up – this declaration of God as a reigning King. For instance, we wrote the song “Only King Forever” while the 2012 presidential elections were taking place…and as a church, we really wanted to come together and proclaim that before we make a statement about standing under a ‘red flag’ or a ‘blue flag’, before we side with a certain political party.”

With songs like the title track, Only King Forever, and Glory Is YoursGreat And Mighty King and Unto Your Name, there’s no doubt that the band is finding themselves under the banner. Chris goes on to say, “We’re standing under the banner of Jesus Christ. Our allegiance is to a King and a kingdom that cannot be shaken. And as we wrote songs with this in mind, we began to think ‘What does that mean for us as children of the King?’ So we’d say that this album is about who God is as King and who we are as children of the King.”

Only King Forever rocks out with these bridge lyrics that reflect Chris’ thoughts:

We lift our banner high, We lift the name of Jesus
From age to age you reign, Your kingdom has no end

Your Word stands through the ages. Your voices hatters the darkness. In You we are more than conquerors” rings out in the lyrics of Last Word. One thing that resonates throughout this album is a definite upward focus on the holy character and powerful attributes of God.

Our Favorite Songs:

Only King Forever – this driving anthem opens the album and sets the tone immediately. The first words we hear are “Our God, a firm foundation. Our rock, the only solid ground…” The arrangement is accessible and will be adaptable for almost every worship environment, young and old.

Glory Is Yours – a medium tempo song that grooves well  proclaims powerful truths about God, his glory, love,  and his victory.

I Will Look Up – I always love songs that are able to find a healthy balance of “I” and “God.” This one does well. It’s a call to action to ourselves. Look at these simple, yet powerful lyrics:

I will look up for there is none above you
I will bow down to tell you that I need You
Jesus Lord of all, Jesus Lord of all

Last Word – this is a powerful declaration. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of those truths that are basic to our faith that we might lose sight of occasionally. This is a great song that can be adapted for all worship environments. Highly recommended!

Everlasting Father – this sweet song reminds me of an old, familiar hymn. Not in the melody or structure, but the way it “feels.” It is sweet. Like a song that you come back to know matter how many years past. Beautiful song.

Elevation Worship’s Favorite Songs:

We asked the band to list their favorite songs. Here’s their responses:

Last Word – (This is a personal song to Wade, our worship pastor, and our team, and has become a powerful anthem of faith and trust for our church).
Grace So Glorious – (This one ‘hit’ the first time we ever led it. We’d probably say it’s the most significant song we’ve written as a church.)
Mighty Warrior – (This one is just fun every single time we lead it. It’s a song you can shout!)
Raised To Life – (We wrote this one for our baptism series called Raised To Life last year. Taken from Romans 6:4, it became the anthem for that series and a song that embodied our church’s vision statement – “So that people far from God will be raised to life in Christ.”


You’ll love the rendition of Blessed Assurance if you’re a fan of classic hymns reworked. This is a strong album. You’ll be able to find something to use for your congregation.

We asked Elevation Worship to share some final thoughts about working day in and day out in the ministry with our community members. Chris says,

“Matt 25:14-30 talks about the parable of the talents, about being a good steward of what God’s entrusted you with. One of the hardest things to do when we’re “in the trenches” of ministry, heads down, just weekly grinding out the work, is to maintain good perspective of why we started in ministry, and continue to be faithful to our calling. According to Matt 25:21-23, being “faithful” means “multiplying.” Being “wicked and lazy” means “maintaining.” Our encouragement to you would be that, even when you don’t see the fruit of your labor and efforts immediately, and even if you’re currently serving in a capacity that you wish you were not, remember that wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, remain “faithful.” As long as we’re “faithful” and “diligent” with what God’s given us, he’s faithful to multiply what we’ve sown. And it’s amazing to think that we’re not dealing with a God of addition, but of multiplication. Only he’s able to accomplish more than we could ask or imagine.”

Elevation Worship has provided some great FREE RESOURCES along with the release of this album as well.


Russ Hutto is the Associate Director of Worship & Media at St. Simons Community Church where he mentors, oversees and helps lead Family and Student worship environments. He is also the content curator and editor here at The Worship Community.