Review: One Redemption by Tree Hill Collective


Thanks to Tom Kline for sharing this review with TWC and a big kudos to TWC member Mark Snyder for his great work on this project. / itunes / twitter / facebook

Tree Hill Collective exists to resource the Church with God-honoring resources in innovative ways with excellence. Producing scripturally strong, congregationally friendly songs that are easy for the average church band to play well; presented in a high quality, professional production is the aim of every Tree Hill Collective song.

The five song One Redemption collection focuses on the theme of our redemption from lostness. Each song tells the Redemption Story in a unique way.

O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing/Hallelujah is a bright, updated version of the old hymn of the Faith, with an uplifting Hallelujah! Bridge added. This would be a great, easy, powerful addition to any church’s set list.

He Has Engraved You gives the analogy of sheep and the Shepherd; we the sheep wandered far away, and the Shepherd seek us and brings us to himself. A very well-done telling of this parable of Christ. This one will need to be sung in a lower key in most settings.

A Way to You Beautifully tells how Jesus’ death made a way to the Father available to us. Death Could Not Hold You, written by TWC’s own Mark Snyder contains this amazing line:

“But morning came, the stone was rolled away
The Holy God will never see decay.
Death could not hold him.”

The “Death could not hold Him” phrase is sung twice in each chorus, helping to implant this important truth into our hearts.

I Stand is a doctrinally rich song that explores our unworthiness of His grace. His pardon covers us, and our sentence is forgiven, and we are made holy.

My favorites are Death Could Not Hold Him and I Stand. Each song is sung by a different artist, is well-suited for serious consideration by any worship leader. These songs are not being marketed to the media, primarily, they are intended for use by the local church.

With the radio-targeted Christian songs becoming increasingly “me”centered, this collection of doctrinally rich songs of Redemption offer a great alternative.

Tom Kline has served 2 churches as worship leader, is a songwriter, has a life-long love of most styles of music, and is the proud grandfather of 11. / itunes / twitter / facebook

One Redemption is the first offering in this collection, and features 5 songs focused on the theme of the Cross.  The second EP, entitled One Purpose, will release in summer, 2012, and One Faith will release in fall, 2012.  Three of the songs from the EP series were featured on the All About Worship Collective, v2 released in January on NoiseTrade.

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