[Review] Matt Redman – We Shall not be Shaken


A confession:  Matt Redman’s CD WHERE ANGELS FEAR TO TREAD single-handedly opened my heart to contemporary worship after nearly an 8 year stint singing – by my own choice – almost soley from hymnals.  His songwriting touches nearly anything I’ve ever penned, and I find his approach to leading others in worship inspirational beyond words.

That said, WE SHALL NOT BE SHAKEN doesn’t have the lasting power of his last 4 or 5 CDs, nor does it house a single tune that is a sure-fire “We absolutely have to sing this next Sunday” track, which Redman’s past catalogue is brimming with.

That’s not to say that Matt doesn’t show any progress here, however.  “Through it All”, “The Glory of our King”, & “My Hope” are stylistically so unique and different from what Matt has recorded in the past that were they released together on a 3 song e.p., I would think they were from a different “Matt Redman” entirely – you may not even recognize his voice, as even his vocal approach is new.  They are fresh, unique, and pleasant to listen to, though not necessarily very useful corporately.

In fact, unlike most of Redman’s CDs, only two tracks stand out as the sort I might introduce to a congregation.  “How Great is Your Faithfulness” (chord chart) has a modern hymn-like quality, with a strong anthemic chorus.  “For Your Glory” (chord chart) is a high-energy rocker, reminiscent of Redman’s classic “Dancing Generation” that would work well in a college/youth setting.

One positive is that this may be the best sounding CD Redman has ever released – the production values are top-notch.  The guitar tones are brilliant, and the playing creative.  Don’t judge it by it’s first single, “This is how we Know” – it’s a fine song, but no-where close to corporate, unique, creative, or even memorable.  In fact, it’s one of the least interesting songs on the CD – who know why it was chosen for a single.

Though it lacks anything quite as triumphantly corporate at “You never let Go”, the lyrics are Biblical, production is top-notch, and the creative stretching makes the majority of this CD still a worthy listen.  If you’re an iTunes person and a little nervous taking the jump, the necessary tracks are: “How Great is Your Faithfulness“, “For Your Glory“, “Through it All“, and “The Glory of our King“.  If you connect with those, download the rest.