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We Still Believe: Live Worship from Kathryn Scott is available tomorrow, August 10, 2010. Free chord charts  and We Still Believe EPK video below.

Thanks to Kim Castro for providing this review:

Kathryn Scott’s new solo album “We Still Believe” is her third offering after “Satisfy” in 2003 and “I Belong” in 2007. I was excited to have the opportunity to review this album because “Hungry”, the worship song she penned in 1999, is one of my all time favorites-one we still use in our worship sets today.

The album begins with “Let It Come”, a powerful anthem type song. A strong lead guitar riff is followed by Kathryn’s affecting voice imploring God to let his kingdom come. The song’s chorus is easy to sing and I can see this being used at the start of a worship set in a modern congregational setting.

The tone softens and slows with the opening of “You’re Good Lord”. The song is uplifting, continually reminding the church of God’s goodness. As the song builds an almost childlike riff on the guitar and piano kick in, making this song fun and upbeat.

“I Believe in Jesus” is simple, declaring her beliefs regarding Jesus. However, the lyrics go beyond the usual creed when she states, “I believe that He’s here now…standing in our midst, here with the power to heal now, and the grace to forgive.” I love these word pictures. How compelling and moving to sing these lyrics among fellow believers. I also appreciate the free worship and prayer in the middle of the song. I could almost feel the Holy Spirit moving from here on the couch!

One of my favorite tracks on the album is “Deliverance”, a perfect song for heartfelt worship in a congregational setting. The verses might be a little wordy for corporate worship but the repetitive chorus is easy to pick up. I can imagine a congregation with eyes closed, hands in the air and being led to the throne room with this one. I really appreciate piano led songs, and the tone and meter of this song is coupled perfectly with the piano. This selection also has several word pictures in the lyrics that take it beyond the simple worship song.

“Child of God” begins with a beautiful strings solo, setting up a slow, moving current that emphasizes the role of God as father in life. I believe I would have liked Kathryn to soften her voice a bit more, and maybe to pull back dynamically, but her potent voice was made for leading, and towards the end of the song she effectively pulls back and lets the strings take over for a wonderful effect.

The title track, “We Still Believe”, is another excellent work lyrically and musically. The guitar leads again along with the vocals, and I really like the chorus, “We still believe…we still surrender in our hearts…your faithfulness is our reward.” This song will keep the faithful walking strong. It is an excellent song for congregational worship because of her use of “we” instead of “you” or “I” in the lyrics. It is also relatively easy to sing, and the guitar riff adds just the right effect.

And I love the bonus track…yes, Kathryn Scott added “Hungry” as the last song of the album, and it’s as moving now as it was then.

Overall Kathryn Scott’s third effort is well worth the wait. The sound was crisp and the production was high quality. Although there is nothing groundbreaking lyrically or musically on this album, the songs are strong and bid believers to come and worship. This album will be a welcome addition to any worship leader’s repertoire or worshiper’s playlist. Well done.

Kim Castro is a lover of Christ and family.  She is a worship leader and songwriter hailing from central California.  Her heart is to obey the Great Commission and to serve others as God leads.

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Free Chord Charts: 01 Let It Come CC | 08 We Still Believe CC