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Review + Giveaway: Meredith Andrews – Worth It All



Giveaway concluded.

Dove Awards Nominee for Worship Song of the Year and Praise & Worship Album of the Year, Meredith Andrews, is back with a new Word Worship project produced by Jason Ingram. Andrews, a worship leader at Chicago’s Harvest Bible Chapel, says of the album, “My hope is that in these songs they’ll see the love of God more; maybe these songs will challenge them in their walk with the Lord and in turn, they’ll just run after him. That’s my hope.”

“I never felt like I could write corporate worship songs, but that’s what I always wanted to do because I am a worship leader,” Andrews states. “So I just started asking the Lord for songs and I was like, ‘God I don’t just want songs to fill a record. I want to hear from heaven. I want to write your heart’ and I was just overwhelmed with the way the Lord answered and the songs that are on this record. This album, I feel, is the most authentic to who I am. I can’t believe the songs that we have and the way that God met us at every turn and the moments that we captured on this record.”

Worth it All is a potent collection of songs that celebrate God’s sovereignty and share Andrews’ deep and unwavering faith. Listeners have already embraced the lead single Not for a Moment. Penned by Andrews, her husband Jacob Sooter and Mia Fieldes, the gorgeous ballad features a heart-stirring vocal performance. “I always feel like every record, God gives me a song about the fact that he’s not going to leave us,” Andrews says. “With my first record it was You’re Not Alone. On the second record it was Can Anybody Hear Me? and on this one it is Not For A Moment.”

Mereith cites The Gospel Changes Everything as her favorite song on the record. “It was a beautiful spring day and Benji Cowart, Paul Mabry and I and sat outside of Paul’s house just chillin’ in his backyard,” Andrew recalls. “We started telling stories about how we had seen just the purity of the gospel, the truth of the gospel transform people’s lives. Paul was telling the story about how this guy came up to him and said, ‘There’s something different about you’ and Paul was like, ‘It’s Jesus. That’s what it is. That’s the difference.’ The guy showed up in church and gave his life to the Lord. We were just telling story after story. The truth and the beauty of the gospel is enough. It doesn’t need any additions or subtractions. It just needs to be told as it is. The gospel changes everything. It is the turning point in history. Even now it’s changing me from who I was. When I sing it, I cry because it’s the simple truth and that’s all you need. It changes you forever. So that’s my favorite song.”

This is a studio project (not a live worship recording) but there are plenty of songs that will translate well into a corporate worship setting. Some of my favorites from the album are:

  • Open Up The Heavens – a great call to worship that will be effective in just about any environment and age range.
  • Worth It All– the title track on this project is a great song of commitment and dedication and work very well in intentionally crafted response moments or even just reflective worship sets.
  • All I Ask –a piano-driven song that will translate well to guitar-led as well.
  • Your Kingdom Reigns – A powerful worship ballad that builds to soaring, sing-a-longable heights! This is one I’ll definitely be working into my repertoire soon.

Thanks to the folks at Word Worship for passing along this project to The Worship Community.

For more information about Meredith: MeredithAndrews.com | twitter | facebook

Giveaway Concluded. We’re giving away 3 copies of Meredith’s new album Worth It All.

To enter simple answer the following question in the blog comments below:

How do your relationships with others help to shape your views of the relationship that is possible between you and God?

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  1. Stephen HaggertyStephen Haggerty01-22-2013

    Meredith Andrews rockin’ it as usual. It’s awesome to see what God is doing though her.

  2. Ryan RotmanRyan Rotman01-22-2013

    My church is going through 1 John right now and when John talks so much about our love for one another, it causes you to think about how much God loves us.

  3. Rick WatersRick Waters01-23-2013

    Our love for God should be reflected in the way that we love others.

  4. Christina ParkerChristina Parker01-29-2013

    Relationships are built on love, communication, and time. It’s not one-sided, but both participate. My son can’t talk yet, but he responds to me already even with him at such a young age. How great the fathers love, that we as his children…who can’t speak just right and sometimes don’t fully understand what he is saying back to us…. as we pour our love on him the best we can, our relationship with him grows strong. How exciting! Our heavenly father isn’t distant, but near. He isn’t avoiding us, but listening to every little coo….and responding back to us!

  5. Joel HoslerJoel Hosler01-29-2013

    How do your relationships with others help to shape your views of the relationship that is possible between you and God?

    There needs to be open communication and honesty especially with God since He already knows our hearts desire and thoughts. We need to remember that God is not far from us. We can sit and share, talk with God as if He is there with us. He can be a comfort in a time of need.