Review + Giveaway: At All Cost by Reveal Worship Ministries


It’s common to see us review worship albums from well-known “big label” worship artists and we LOVE doing that. It’s also our heart to give a platform to the “small” independent worship artist as well. We can’t review every single project that comes across our desk (big or small) but when we can it’s exciting to see the heart and soul of the Church expressed in a real and tangible way through these “trench” worshipers.

Reveal Worship Ministries began working on their first worship album, At All Cost (iTunes), over a year ago. It took many Saturdays and a lot of extra hours after regular job days to complete this project, but RWM is proud of their self-produced, in-house worship album which goes live on iTunes today (March 13).

Giveaway: Answer this question in the comments below to be entered into our random drawing for a free copy of At All Cost. Think about those 3 words “At All Cost” – what does it look like to you (and in your life) to be a worshiper and follower of Jesus at all cost?

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Thanks to members of The Worship Community for providing their thoughts about At All Cost.

Rob Still

I liked the heart and spirit of the project. Honest and passionate. Solid songs and good production.

It’s great to hear songs and production like this from the local church. It felt original and not industry copycat.

Rob Still is a worship leader, artisan, instructor and blogger in Nashville TN. He teaches at conferences and extensively on the mission field in eastern Europe – and blogs at

Justin Hitchborn

At All Cost comes to us by way of the creative, Spirit-driven prowess of Reveal Worship Ministries, and is a really great example of very solid music from someone other than the big and popular names. You owe it to yourself to check out their preamble video, which describes the heart that went into the album.

This collection opens with I Need Your Love, which by all accounts is just a phenomenal opening tune. The melody is easy to engage, there are loads of vocal parts to choose from if your team has the ability to sing harmony, and your guitar player(s) will love you for this choice. This simple yet amazing recognition of our need for Jesus’ love, accompanied by a tremendous bridge section describing the life transformation He offers, is in good company with the instrumentation.

A little later in the disc, we encounter Holy Is The Lord. If you are looking for a rock solid set of lyrics set against a ready-for-fist-pumping rhythm, look no further. When I picture the lyrics that we will be singing in Heaven, I can’t help but think that “Holy is the Lord, seated on His throne!” will somehow be included in that list. Refreshing, energetic and TRUE!

The title At All Cost track carries the beating heart of the album. The opening section features spoken word set over piano, exhorting people from all walks to take a real honest-to-God look at our lives and determine that “we’ll find hope in one Name.” It moves into a beautiful prayer to God that simply exudes desperation and longing for an ultimately holy God. This song also carries some significantly prophetic lyrics, providing a profound picture of our awaited future in heaven. Sure, the musical space and potential to play it forever and not repeat oneself musically are awesome and make it an instant winner in my book. However, it is the sheer heart of this track that is deeply impacting.

Though they might not read it, I’ve got something to say to the Reveal team. You folks have your eyes heavenward, and it is beyond inspiring to see and hear that. Musically, you are awesome. Great melodies all around, and each instrument (vocals included) acquitted themselves very well. But what makes this project great is your hearts. Blessings a thousand times and again on you folks, because you have done an amazing work for the Kingdom.

To everyone else: Buy this. Prepare to be refreshed.

Justin is the director of worship arts at The Well (, and blogs about  theology, team dynamics, leadership, gear, CD reviews and anything else that might just feel right at the time at

Rob Krabbe

The production values, in The album At All Cost, by Reveal Worship Ministries, are good, and the recording and songs have been well produced. I tend to look at worship albums, and the songs in them, in terms of how they will be, to teach to a worship team first, and ultimate then, the congregation. How effective they will prove, when used in worship, sometimes is not as black and white but can be highly subjective and heavily informed by the context in which they are used. It’s a very different list of criterion for my own listening, of course.

Some of the songs on this album are wonderful to listen too, and may well be used for couching a message, or a teaching moment, when performed. The songs I resonated with more, were the ones that would be great additions to the corporate worship moments, and were user friendly.

I Need Your Love has a great energy and drives a bold proclamation spirit; the unifying message of the basic gospel amongst the worshipers; a holy pride in God, but also acknowledges our deep need for the Savior’s love in a positive or upbeat way.

Eyes of Fire touched me, for personal reasons. It is a theme that keeps being repeated in my own life. Our perspective on the world is so flawed, through our own eyes. This song resonates as we express a desire to see the world through the same eyes of compassion and love that were the foundation of the world, and the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The melody, I found to be more intuitive than a lot of current worship songs, and I appreciate that, in the ability to bring it to use without a lot of prep or learning time with the congregation.

I also really enjoyed the song Holy is the Lord.  Ultimately singable, with a nice strong hook.

The songs have been written with close attention or knowledge of the Scriptures. The lyrics if not based in direct quotes from the Bible, are chock full of fresh well-paraphrased thoughts and Scriptural allusions. Tight inspiration based in Scripture, with the Holy Spirit’s guidance, for modern worship music makes one more confident in the songs theologically. Not all of us have theological degrees, but none of us (hopefully) want to make statements in our worship music that are anything but solid biblical truths, and appropriate for the context of the ministry we work in. It makes a worship pastor or leader’s job so much easier in crafting worship, when the worship lyrics are tight to scripture, as a lot of the lyrics in this project are.

I find several songs in this project I will want to incorporate in worship.

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