Review: Dwell by Aaron Keyes


Thanks to Rob Rash for sharing this review of Aaron Keyes’ latest worship project, Dwell.

Aaron Keyes has produced a fantastic album for personal and corporate worship.

It’s Solid. It’s Sound. It’s Beautifully Crafted.  These are only a few of the many phrases I could use to describe Aaron’s second release, Dwell, from Kingsway. Produced by Stu G (Delirious?) and John Hartley (Matt Redman, Rebecca St. James), this album does not fail to yield songs for the church and songs for the heart.

The attribute I like the most about Aaron is his desire to take worship beyond leading songs in the church. Moving past writing and singing worship tunes in the church, Aaron and his wife see the great need of discipleship in the lives of worshipers as well. Aaron says:

“We want to shift what worship leading looks like from worship leaders simply leading songs to worship pastors leading people to knowing God better, to resting our hearts in Him, to expressing our hearts to him—physically, instinctively, fully, expressively… not just emotion, passion and excitement, but to declare the promises of God in the Bible with reverence and orthodoxy.”

This is made very clear throughout Dwell. These songs are drenched in scripture from the book of Exodus to the Psalms to Romans, leaving a clear impression that we are to respond to the Word of God.

The title track, Dwell, is a nicely crafted song, filled with tasteful guitar, well timed keys, and sing-able melodies. It takes you from your fears to finding peace and rest in the only one who can give it.

In the Name of God is a fantastic ballad that I simply can’t stop putting on repeat. It’s stunning simplicity is mesmerizing.

If you’ve got a taste for Ben Folds, you’ll love Life Without My God. It’s catchy, rhythmically driven, and lyrically strong.

This is a solid and wonderfully artistic album that only gets better with each and every listen. It’s more than worth your time. You and your church will benefit greatly from worshiping with Aaron on Dwell.

Reviewed by Rob Rash | | Twitter: @robrash |

What others are saying about Dwell:

“Dwell is a well-arranged and produced album by Aaron Keyes that is beautiful from beginning to end…Keyes continues to bring both atmosphere and deep-felt songs that are comfortable in the sanctuary and on the radio air waves.” – Worship Leader Magazine

“With impeccable songwriting, powerful music and a foundation built on the Scriptures, Dwell is essential listening for worship leaders, pastors, men, women, children and anyone else that list does not cover. In Aaron Keyes, America may have a partner to the prolific gift England has in Stuart Townend. Give Aaron Keyes new record a try; turn it up, and dwell.” –

“Aaron leads his listeners in a very refreshing worship experience resulting in one of the best worship albums I have heard in a long time.” – Abby Trumbull,

“This is worship with a brilliant modern twist, putting the Contemporary back into Contemporary Christian Music with an ingenious blend of worship, rock, pop, dance and so much more.” – Louder Than The Music (5-star review)

“It’s no secret I’m a big Aaron Keyes music fan. He’s one of the most gifted worship leaders I’ve encountered and creates some downright beautiful music.” – Margaret Feinberg (

“Aaron’s new project is definitely a must-have worship project of 2011, and is one of the most Scripturally-rich albums I have heard in a while.” –

“Dwell draws you away into gazing into the beauty of the Lord and causes the heart to praise our Almighty Warrior…one of the most passionate worship projects that I’ve heard in a long time…” –