Review: Come and Drink by Matthew Reed


Thanks to Rob Rash, Melanie Siewert, Mark Snyder and Mat Reames for sharing reviews with The Worship Community:

Rob Rash (originally published at

Matthew Reed is about to burst onto the musical scene with his first EP release Come and Drink. Produced by Michael Rossback (Gungor, Jared Anderson, Paul Baloche) and recorded out in Colorado Springs, CO, this 6 song record is sure to find it’s way into your most current playlist.

With a mix of Coldplay and Mat Kearney comes a refreshing and new sound for corporate worship. Although I wouldn’t pigeonhole Matthew Reed solely into a Christian worship genre, there are tones strung throughout this album that continue to point us back to God.

As a seasoned musician, who was not only a founding member on the worship team at Church of the HIghlands, but also toured with Daniel Bashta (Like a Lion), the musical integrity of this EP is nothing short of fantastic.

From the first track, Awake Awake, you are bombarded with anthems reaching into the depths of humanity and returning back to the hope of the creator. It’s pedal to the metal done very tastefully with soaring guitars, ambient pads, driving rhythms, and soul soothing vocals.

The EP progresses to the very thoughtful and simple Emmanuel. A beautiful ballad that is both singable and relatable and quickly moves into the final track, Pour Out. This is by far my favorite song on the EP. It’s a moving call to revival that will get you up out of your seat and have you singing along from the top of your lungs.

Here’s the bottom line: Matthew Reed has put out a gem. This is a must have album for summer.

Matthew is generously giving away the first track from the EP Awake Awake for free. So go and grab it here and then consider purchasing the full EP either on iTunes or BandCamp.

Melanie Siewert:

Before I write reviews of artists, I like to get some background information about the artists so I can know their hearts better, and their passion behind the music they write. As I read some bios of Matthew Reed, I came across a blog that quoted Reed saying:

“These songs all came out of a hunger to see God show up in my personal life and a passion for the church to arise and sing for the King until their lungs give up.”

I share this same passion and prayer. Personally, my prayers have been centered around revival; a stirring inside people to seek God in his most holy place and learn to enter his rest. Of course, there’s more to revival than that, but it surely is a start. Come and Drink captures that deep desire to see God move in the hearts of people.

Stylistically, the music is different. It’s a break away from the worship “style” many of us have become accustom to over the last few years. Lyrically, it’s refreshing to hear words centered on a passion for God to invade our lives in revival form. Since Matthew Reed is praying for a revival, it’s evident he’s very passionate about it. Among my favorites, Awake, Awake, Come and Drink, and Pour Out.

Awake, Awake, Come and Drink, and Emmanuel appeal to the hearts of God’s children to awake to the sound of the king’s voice, to come and drink from God’s healing waters, and let the King of Glory in.

Crash This Place, Come Now, and Pour Out appeal to the heart of God (Holy Spirit) to “crash this place with love”, “come now upon us”, and “pour out revival in this place.”

All the songs seem anthem-like to me. Any song in this album can be used as a “rallying cry” of the church as they seek revival to come to their lives, city, nation, etc. Most of the songs have a choir/ensemble mixed in to give it that unified presence.

If your congregation is also praying for revival, and would like some fresh songs to sing of the need for revival and a cry out to God to manifest it, I recommend checking out the songs in this album. Most of the songs better suit gatherings that use rock-based music.

Mark Snyder:

Worship leader Matthew Reed’s debut release is entitled Come and Drink. This alum offers 6 songs that are targeted to give a new voice to a new generation. The lyrics are a strong call to worship, offering a clear call to the church to mobilize for Christ and imploring the Spirit to move among his people.

Musically this album offers a driving rock sound with some great hooks. Awake, Awake and Crash This Place exemplify this album’s no-compromise lyrical approach and it’s blend of catchy melodies and rock sound. Matthew hails from Fort Lauderdale, and there is definitely a southern rock feel to this music, especially the acoustic-flavored Emmanuel.

Overall, an excellent first record for Matthew and his band.

Mat Reames (originally published at

My friend Matthew Reed has recently released his new EP Come and Drink. Matt is not famous, he hasn’t been plastered all over the radio, yet even so he has gotten support from many serious industry professionals. Michael Rossback out of Colorado Springs produced the EP. He has worked with artists like Gungor, Paul Baloche, and Jared Anderson.Brad Waller (Guitar) and John Arndt (Keys) from Gungor also lend their talents to this Album. Jared Anderson co-wrote the song Come Now. Elijah Mosely (John Mark McMillan) and Ben Gowell (Sara Groves, Paul Baloche) helped in the engineering process of this album. So when I tell you that Matt is not famous, I want you to realize that you do not need to be famous, just to have God’s favor and you can get the help you need to do the work God has for you.

The album has six tracks, and since this is my blog, I am going to share about all six of them.

The album begins with Awake, Awake this is a beautiful upper mid-tempo song. It is a clarion call for the Bride of Christ to arise. For the church to cast off our flesh and worldly ways to become the “pure and spotless bride that God is looking for. I love the bridge which says,

“The Time has come for the People of God to rise up. Arise, Arise the Kingdom of Our God. Awake, Awake, oh daughter and sons of Zion. Sing, Sing You People of the King.”

Matt really has a beautiful build in this section. It is just the kind of song I would love to do in my Sunday morning services. Unfortunately for me, I do not have the team or equipment to do it this well, but Matt’s team does phenomenal.

Come and Drink
is the second song on the album. This song speaks of the river of God. That same river that was spoken of in Psalm 46:4 and Ezekiel 47. The song encourages us to as the title says, Come and drink. This high energy song is wonderful it reminds us that in the presence of God there is so much for us; freedom, healing, deliverance, love, joy. This is just another example of Matt’s passion for the Kingdom of God and his presence. This song also has a great bridge, “God is King and his Kingdom is here.” This line alone is enough for me. John the Baptist preached this when he said, “Repent and Be baptized, for the Kingdom of God is at hand.”

The next track relies more on the acoustic guitar with a nice driven electric underneath to add punch. Crash This Place is an invitation for The presence of God to come, or more specifically, to “crash this place with Love.” This song is one I am fully intent of teaching my team, because the primary Goal of our Church and Ministry is to see the Presence manifested here on the earth and in the lives of the believer.

The primary theme of this album seems to be worshiping God till He comes. Now Matthew Reed is free to come and correct me, but I love this theme and is the prime reason I love this album. Come Now is a perfect example of this theme. The verses are a call to the Body to worship together and honor Him and call Him forth. The Chorus is Both the cry of the body, and the call to God to come upon us. There is a line at the end of the Chorus I love:

“You are the Light that shines and darkness is no more. As he transitions into the bridge, it is a declaration before both God and Man that says we will worship Him. Its a vow to God that says we will honor His name.

Emmanuel is another song that is acoustic based. It reminds us of God’s ever-present love. This song also has a prominent piano line which adds a perfect touch to the song. The folksy drum rhythm in this song is great because it keeps a quick rhythm without driving the song heavy. I think in terms of musicianship this song is the best, however I most admit I have a fondness for folk and bluegrass playing. Also the Harmony between Matt and his friend Mary Kat Conolley really adds to the song. It reminds me of the kind of song that Robert Plant and Alison Krauss would play if they had a worship album. very talented.

The Final song on the album, Pour Out Is hands down my favorite. I am honestly shocked that it is here because of its pulsating rhythms, and heavy drive. However they do say you should save the best for last and Matt sure did here. This song will work well with a youth group or a church that does heavier stuff. It is reminiscent to something that a group like Planetshakers, or Jake Hamilton would do, but Matt’s voice has a soft touch to it similar to the way Bono sings, and on the bridge the guitar uses a very U2 like rhythmic delay that blends the classic sound of their Joshua tree album with modern hard worship. Its brilliant and I wish I had the chops and equipment to do this song in my church.

Bottom line is that this debut from Matthew Reed is better than a lot of albums that will come out this year even ones from established groups who have been toping charts for years. Six bucks can get you the whole EP on itunes so click that link if you want to buy it, and even if you don’t you should support my friend anyway. But seriously, this is a great album.


Find more Matthew Reed: | iTunes | BandCamp | Facebook @MattReed