Review: Colossians by McKendree Augustas


The Worship Community is proud to present one of our own member’s projects: Colossians. Part of the Paul’s Letters series by McKendree Augustas, Colossians is a spoken word project that combines the reading of scripture with music. A follow up to Philippians, this project is a great addition to personal quiet time, corporate prayer time, or any devotional time where reflective and contemplative music is necessary.


I’d also use it in pre or post-service playlists as well!

Rachel R. Tucker (McKendree’s wife) also provides voice for the scripture reading on this project.

Each of the 4 chapters is backed by a sweeping soundtrack that provides a nice foundation for the Scripture reading.

Support community member music! Go and buy McKendree’s latest offering, Colossians and soak in scripture!

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