Review: Better Than Life by Brandon Gilliam


Thanks to Dennis Arriaga for providing this review for The Worship Community.

Brandon Gilliam will be releasing a full-length album early fall 2011. A Love Better Than Life is a 3 song EP that will give listeners a great taste of what’s to come. Brandon is the director of worship at Rivers Crossing Community Church in Kings Hill, Ohio.

Dennis Arriaga | | @dennarr

Brandon Gilliam’s EP, A Love Better Than Life, is a great find! Mixing great arrangements, memorable melody lines, and solid lyrics, this 3-song EP is a great one for personal listening and for a worship leader’s set list.

I really liked all three songs, but tracks one and two seemed to stay in my mind:

  • All Praises Rise. This track has some strong and declarative lyrics – which is a must for me. Couple that with the great arrangement and a truly memorable melody line and this one will stay with you for sure. I think it would be a relatively easy one for a congregation to learn and have come to mind as they drove home from church (and probably during the week!)
  • Glory to the Lord. Again, lyrics and tune are great – another memorable one for a congregation. I love the repeating declarative phrase – “May the glory of the Lord endure forever”. I think we can trap ourselves into thinking a repeated phrase in worship seems like we are droning on, but when you think about what our reaction and response to seeing God will be, I think we will be at a loss for words and simply repeat phrases like, “May the glory of the Lord endure forever.”

A Love Better Than Life is on iTunes – after you finish this review, BUY IT!

Dennis works at an nonprofit research institute and is the worship leader at East Valley Church in San Jose, CA.

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