Practical Resource: How To Record Sermon Audio


How To: Record Sermon Audio

There are several ways to approach this.

  1. A dedicated digital recorder set up to record sermon audio (from your sound board – or a mic running directly into the recorder).
  2. A direct line from your sound board into your computer.

1. Running directly into a digital recorder and then later importing into your computer might be the route you take if you don’t have a laptop or computer for audio capture to run at church. Many smaller churches don’t have a lot of resources and need an economic option to fill their needs. A small, affordable digital recorder might fit the bill for you.

2. Running a direct line from your soundboard into your computer is probably the most efficient way to do this if you have an available laptop or computer and can run a direct line from your soundboard.

Here’s what you want to do:

  • Find the headphone or “tape out” output on your soundboard.
  • Use an RCA to 1/8th cable (you might need some adapters from Radio Shack) and run that cable directly into your microphone input on your computer/laptop.
  • Make sure you have an audio capture/recording like Audacity (PC/Mac) or Garageband (Mac).
  • Run a few tests on your set up before you need to capture sermon audio! If you need to run more than one program while capturing audio, you want to make sure your computer set up can handle it without crashing!
  • Recommended option: Buy an external hard drive to save your audio to.
  • Recommended option: If you don’t have the hardware to make this happen, see if anyone in your church will donate an unused laptop specifically for capturing audio. It doesn’t need to be the newest, latest model, but if it’s fairly recent (within the last 5-6 years) it will probably be fine!

Do you have any tips or advice for capturing sermon audio? Feel free to share in the comments?