Perspective: the state of one’s ideas, the facts known to one.

We each have our own unique perspective on things. No wonder there is often disagreement within ministry.

If you consider an Elder board of 10, a staff or 19, a worship team of 58 volunteers, a technical team of 37 volunteers, and a congregation of 2,500 – this sets the stage for quite a range of perspective within our ministry.

Why are we surprised by criticism or suggestions? With this many different perspectives it is more surprising when we agree on anything. If this is true then how do we face the seemingly endless chore of answering our critics, giving attention to suggestions and considering changes?

Suggestions and criticism must be examined under the microscope of the following:

1. Do I really believe I followed God’s leading when I made the decision to lead this direction?

You can apply this to both the most simple and most difficult things. The style of worship, music selection, personnel choices- staff or volunteer leaders as well as your ministry spending.

2. Have I heard the same suggestion multiple times?

3. We all MUST have at least one trusted mentor or very godly friend that we can discuss weaknesses that others point out in us or changes we are considering. I see no indication in God’s Word that any of us were to take this journey alone.

Once we have carefully considered others perspectives our response can be Godly and gracious even while surrounded by criticism. Being able to consider others perspective, is a big part of a never ending journey toward spiritual maturity.

The ultimate goal must be to learn in all things to have God’s perspective.

How important is it to you that others see or consider your perspective on things?