One Sonic Society’s Society EP to Release March 22, 2011


The latest one sonic society EP, society,  is set to release next Tuesday, March 22, 2011. The Worship Community will be giving away 3 copies of this great project AND 3 copies of the 2 previous One Sonic Society EPs [See below for details].

one sonic society is about unity, creativity and community…

Led by Jason Ingram [vocals/guitar], Stu Garrard [guitar/vocals] and Paul Mabury [drums]; one sonic society is an international collective of accomplished writers and musicians who have come together through a shared mission to inspire and challenge the worship genre by expanding and empowering the Church with the arts.

Each member has had their share of solo success. A worship leader at his home church, Jason Ingram is one of the Christian music industry’s most in demand songwriters/producers having co-written such popular songs as “I Will Follow” by Chris Tomlin, “Your Love” by Brandon Heath, “By Your Side” by Tenth Avenue North, and “Lead Me” by Sanctus Real. Paul Mabury is an acclaimed drummer/producer who became part of Australia’s Hillsong Church, helped produce the Hillsong United record All of the Above, and toured the world with artists including Brooke Fraser, Matt Maher, and Darlene Zschech. Stu G. made his mark in the music community as a longtime member of the pioneering U.K. worship band Delirious?, known for such modern worship anthems as “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever” and “Majesty.”

All three would agree that one sonic society is different for them. One sonic society is not artist driven, its song driven. It’s not about performing in front of massive crowds or gaining the next radio hit. The one sonic society focus is to stir the church with new worship music that connects and resonates within people.

“There is a vision the three of us share,” says Ingram. “It’s simply a passion to see people worship God. We want to be available for God to use our gifts plus the experiences we’ve walked out, in our respective journeys, to be able to serve the church.”

The first two one sonic society ep’s titled one and sonic have already provided the church with soon to be worship standards “Forever Reign” and “Greatness of our God.” These two songs have been recorded by Hillsong, Passion, Darlene Zschech, Natalie Grant, and WOW worship, and are being sung by churches around the world.

The newest ep society features two original songs penned by the members of one sonic society, as well as songs co-written with Kristian Stanfill, Paul Baloche and Hillsong’s Mia Fieldes.

The one sonic society name is becoming a trusted brand in the worship music community, and together these three individuals have discovered a new way to employ their gifts for the Kingdom. “It’s been a calling on our hearts,” says Ingram. “We’re compelled to write songs for the church. We want nothing more than to serve in this way.”

To be eligible for the One Sonic Society EP Giveaway, answer this question:

If you could co-write a worship song for your church with anyone, who would you pick and why? Answer in the comments section. We will do a random drawing Monday night (March 21) and award 3 One Sonic Society packs (3 EPs each) to each winner (3).

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  1. I would have to say Matt Redman. His songwriting has taught, strengthened, and encouraged me for years and I respect him highly. I trust his dedication to God’s Word and his humility. That would be a dream come true :)

  2. There have been so many anointed songwriters over the last few years and they just keep coming. After much deliberation I cannot go past Reuben Morgan from Hillsong. He has written and/or co-written many worship songs which have been sung for many years in all kinds of churches all over the world such as classics like I Give you My Heart, Eagles Wings, My Redeemer Lives. More recently he co-wrote with Jason Ingram two of the most popular worship songs sung in churches at present – Forever Reign and The Greatness of Our God as well as one of my faves on A Beautiful Exchange – Open My Eyes. Reuben is a seasoned songwriter and his love for God and desire to lead people into a place of deep worship for Him is evident in his performing as well as his writing. I could write a beautiful song to our Lord with Reuben.

    • Thanks for chiming in Peter! Those are great thoughts! Reuben has been mentioned in the comments earlier which means someone else agrees with you! Blessings!

  3. Charlie Hall. He always has a fresh lyrical perspective and a way to describe the nature and character of God and how we relate to Him that is very natural and sounds like something I would say to a person I was in relationship with.

  4. I would have to say Travis Cottrell. Since I first heard about him and his music I’ve loved his heart for ministry and the church. Also hearing about his journey to becoming a worship pastor, his heart for God is contagious. I want the church to see God as we lift our voices through song, and I believe Travis is an anointed worshipper and would love to have his heart, talent and input in a song.

  5. Gordon Shields on

    I would love to co-write a song with Paul Baloche. We sing many of his songs in our worship services. He has a God-given gift to compose songs that reflect God’s great love and mercy to His children, as well as utilizing a wide variety of musical styles.

  6. Bizzy Bender on

    I think I would like to write with either Michael Gungor or Derek Webb. Gungor for his ability to write simple truths in a beautiful way. Webb for his provocative style of lyric writing. Musically I love both.

  7. I’d say my mentor Chris Falson but he’s not inclined to co-writing. I’ve had a couple of collaboration experiences in the past and they do require a lot of trust.

    The songwriter who stands out to me to have the most diverse set of co-writers and has been most successful at producing congregational worship songs is Paul Baloche. He is obviously gifted, willing, and able to inspire others.

    • That’s true, Bridget, a lot of great songs come from relational co-writes. That being said, I’ve seen some great songs come from anonymous co-writes too! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Paul Baloche. He is one of the most prolific worship songwriters of our lifetime. I truly believe future generations will be singing his songs for many years to come. What an impact he has had on worship in churches around the world!

  9. Mark Spaniel on

    Without a doubt, Martin Smith! I came across the Cutting Edge 1&2 CDs in March of 2000 when God was dealing with me in a most remarkable way. The Lord brought me out of a deadness and lethargy into a wonderful awakening of Him. Somehow, those Cutting Edge CDs came into my hands, and marvelously dovetailed into everything that God was doing in me, and allowed Martin to “put a song” on what was going on in my life. I came to really know that God could do anything, and that nothing was impossible for him. I was able to live that out when my wife went into tachycardia in Sept. of that year, in our little, remote town, without even as much as an ambulance to help us. Everything that day, and those to follow was against her. But God, amidst the reports of doctors saying there was little brain activity, little hope, did raise her out of her coma, and brought her back to health (we’ve even adopted 3 children not long after that)! Though he does not know it, Martin has been a huge encouragement to me, and I am thankful! Amen!

    • Mark, those are great reasons! Martin Smith is a great writer and is one of the few in that handful of men and women who almost singlehandedly changed the way we “do” worship music for the new millenium!

  10. Nelson Chifuka on

    If I co-write a song, I would do it with Don Moen. His music ever so refreshing and truly and simply uplifting.

  11. I would have to say Charlie Hall as well. He does well crafting lyrics that express praise in the midst of pain.

  12. I would always say any that have already been said but I’m not. I’m going to say Keith Green, I know he is with the Lord now but the passion and conviction in his songs is amazing so inspiring and who knows –perhaps the chance will come in heaven?

    • Ah, Adam, a man after my own heart! I love Keith Green as well. Most young people aren’t familiar with his music, but I’m profoundly inspired and influenced by KG! Thanks!

  13. I would have to say Paul Baloche. I love his song writing, he is very experienced at collaborating with other song writers, and he has an excellent grasp of how to write songs that are comfortable for congregations to sing.

  14. Christi Tittsworth on

    I would want to write with Brian and Jenn Johnson (Bethel Music). When they write, they don’t strive to make the song “sellable” but to write what God is singing, and they have some of the most powerful songs. Their heart for worship is amazing…..

  15. Rick Gutheil on

    There are so many great worship songwriters out there it is hard to choose, but I would think it would be amazing to co-write with Brian Doerksen. He has a style that beings Scripture to life and helps to draw you in to God’s presence on a very consistent basis. I feel like I know God better each time I hear a Brian Doerksen song.

  16. Justin Watts on

    I would say Phil Wickham. For 2 reasons – his songwriting, and his presentation.

    He has such a great way of putting a worship response to God’s greatness into words and music. I don’t know – I listen to his songs and I can just imagine singing them in the Kingdom of God some day. They are so personal and real, like a child singing to his father. I feel like if I was writing a worship song with him, I would explain something I feel towards God, and a reason or experience behind it, and he’d be able to draw the lyrics out.

    And while his lyrics are great, his presentation of them is so passionate… I’ve never seen one man with an acoustic guitar stir up such a passionate celebration of God like he does! I actually prefer him alone with his acoustic to the whole band being with him. A lot of the worship music we use at our church is for the sake of celebrating our King, and I just think he knows how to put music together in a certain way that, whether one man or a whole band, accompanies that celebration song.

  17. Wow, what a tough question to answer. There are so many great writers out there. I think if pressed to choose a collaborator, I’d go with either Reuben Morgan or Paul Baloche. I would choose them because I think they could teach me how to collaborate! I’ve written for years on my own, and while collaborating sounds like a great way to end up with a better song than I am singularly capable of on my own, I am unsure of how to go about it. My writing involves a lot of silence; how do you do that with someone else and be productive? I’m just not sure. For years I’ve seen both Morgan’s and Baloche’s names on copyrights alongside other great names below some wonderfully Scripture-based music that I love and respect, so I know they’d have some really helpful things to teach me in this area.

  18. Jerry Simandl on

    I would love to have Martin Smith, Tim Hughes, Matt Redman Paul Baloche or Lincoln Brewster to co-write a song, I would love to learn from them their technique and approach as a song writer, musician and lyricist to craft a song the moves the church to worship Him .

  19. Greg Chastine on

    My dream co-writer for worship songs would be Paul Baloche. I am a big fan of his style of writing. He writes from the scriptures. I saw a video of him once where he said most of the material he writes comes from scriptures and his personal journal that he writes in when reflecting on Jesus during the day. Petra and Bob Hartman write most of their songs that way also. When you sing a Paul Baloch composition, you can feel the spirit of Jesus radiating all around as you sing. As you’re singing the songs you get the feeling that the songs were written for you. I am not slanting all the other wonderful and worshipful writers out there, but merely giving my choice of co-writers. May Jesus bless all the talented worship leaders each week as they write and minister to the hurting and lost souls while ministering and healing the broken-hearted.

  20. andrew Thompson on

    So many great writers to choose from…Reuben Morgan, Jason Ingram, Paul Baloche, Matt Redman, or yeah and Chris Tomlin…but if i’ve got to choose its going to be Brenton Brown. Why?, because i had the privilege to meet him at a song writing day and though i had admire his work from afar, i became more aware of the sincerity of his heart, the generosity of his spirit, and thoughtfulness as a person and with his craft. So many of his songs resonate with what my heart would sing and in part how i would sing them (can’t say i liked the country grove or Amazing God…really like the rework of it…same with Glorious). Anyway, i’d love to see what would could come out of a time of share ideas, and what i could learn from someone who has lived in anonymity (for the most part…others doing his songs or cowrites…:), and is just recently surfacing for all to see. i’m sure there’d be lessons learned there.

  21. There are a ton I would love to write with; Benjamin Dunn, Brian Johnson, Daniel Bashta, Jeremy Riddle, Justin Rizzo (IHOP) Michael Gungor, and Phil Wickham.

    Each one of these people has a unique way of touching the heart of God. However, I think John Mark McMillan takes the cake for me. I love his ability to blend lyricism as deep as the ocean with simple musicianship. Making worship both accessible and deep. Not as many are able to do this like he can.

  22. I would choose Chris Tomlin. He always prioritizes “churchabilty.” In other words, he writes music that can be sung and played by musicians on most any level. I have a deep respect and appreciation for worship leaders who do more than record songs but try to consider the needs of the church of God and try to equip the body. Plus, I love his voice!

  23. Paul Savelberg on

    Guys – come on there is only one correct answer here and that is Chris Tomlin. He has such a strong flow and spiritual content to touch the soul. I can’t fault his connection to the audience and the way he approached many relevent themes in our lives.
    He comes from the music ministry side and leads his church. Even the way he has tackled a classic like Amazing Grace and given it new life is amazing and is abundantly blessed with grace (excuse the puns).

  24. Laura Story. She knows my children, so there is a slight chance it could happen. LOL.
    I love the way her songs make scripture come to life.

    Of course, beggars can’t be choosers. I would co-write with anyone who is willing, even Russ Hutto!

    • Haha, Tom. Nice one! I love to listen to Laura Story as well, and would love to sit in on some of her writing sessions (just to observe!) Let’s make the co-write happen!

  25. Douglas Phillips on

    I would love to write with the Tomlin, Reeves, Cash & Giglio team. They have the heartbeat of worship and having the chance hear and feel their heart in a live songwriter session, as well, being able to share my lifting and heart, would be so awesome!

  26. If I could co-write with any one songwriter I would write with Tim Hughes. I’ve met him before and he has authored many great worship songs for the church. His heart for the church has been sacrificial and it’s always been his heart to re-focus the body’s focus back on the worship of the Lord. I would feel it a great opportunity to share in my ideas and to make them into worship songs inside the church. I’ve just always found it difficult to place melodies with lyrics and lyrics with melodies and with him I think I could make that happen.

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  28. Christopher Smith on

    There are some really awesome, talented songwriters out there – it’s really tough to choose! For a worship song, I would personally choose Chris Tomlin and his team. For a great rockin’-style, testimonial-type song, I would have to choose Mac Powell and his group.

    • Christopher, that’s actually a great answer! I’d love to co-write with Third Day as well, especially since they’re from my home state!

  29. My only choice for a song-of-worship collaboration would be Twila Paris. She has, in my opinion, the greatest combination of song-writing talent & a genuine heart of a servant that this modern era of Christianity will ever see. Her songs are not flavored with the spice of commercial necessity – her lyrics stand the test of scripture, and her ability to compose is purely of and for the LORD. Jon Usry <

    • Thanks, Jon! Finding that balance between effectiveness for corporate worship and personal devotion can be a tough one! Thanks for sharing!

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  32. I like Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman and Paul Baloche – I would love to write with any of them….but I think a good co-writing partner would be Charlie Peacock. I sat thru a workshop and he opened my eyes to the fact that as a Christian songwriter, there is really no topic off limits. The Bible addresses all of life situations – love, relationships, money, trials, victories, and even sex. There is no topic that God does not address. It is merely a matter of perspective, and as a songwriter that seeks to honor God and change lives with my craft it is important that we write songs that interject a Biblical world view to listeners. I think Charlie does that.

  33. Now in heaven…
    Rich Mullins – I got into his music the year before he died – the emotion and imagery he could put in a song was great. Too bad most people only know him now by Awesome God.

    On earth…non-worship writer
    Steve Taylor – love his wit

    On earth…worship writer
    Paul Baloche – I know that’s an obvious one, but I echo everything that’s been said about him so far and more. He’s the real deal.

    • And Paul Baloche racks up some more co-writes! Thanks for sharing Jon! I too would love to co-write with Rich Mullins, maybe on the other side!

  34. I definitely would have to say Matt Redman because of his commitment to making Scripture breathe through his songs. But I also believe that it would be awesome to write with Crowder (because of his musical creativity), Gungor (because of his eclectic songwriting ability), and Bob Kauflin (because of his wisdom and years writing songs for the church).

  35. Wow, only one out of the many great songwriters? It would have to be Darlene Zschech (although Christy Nockels and Rita Springer are right in there for me too). As a woman leading worship, it’s difficult to name many really good female worship leaders/songwriters. I have admired her for years and her heart for the Lord is apparent. She is a great role model for female worship leaders and songwriters everywhere.

  36. I feel Jeremy Camp would be a great choice. His songs have touched my heart and the lyrics are so intimate with the Spirit of God. I can relate to what he is saying from my own experiences in life. I think we could apply that to the Holy Spirit living in us and come up with something that will surely speak to someone’s heart.

  37. I would co-write with Reuben Morgan of Hillsong church Australia.
    he is in the heart of worship

  38. Jimmy DeArmond on

    I would have to say Bart Millard, his melodic abilities and passion fir God would shine
    Through!! And I’m sure I would have the time of my life doin it!! He’s hilarious!!

  39. I would have to say Chris Tomlin for his ability to write songs that you can sing with limited practice time for your musicians and congregation as well. I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing him in concert and found him to be someone humble and concerned in giving God the glory. Love that!

  40. Tim Gonzalez on

    I would have to say ROBIN MARK! He just has such a heart for the Lord and it totally comes out in his worship.

  41. John Mark McMillan.

    I’d love to be a part of his process and see where his mind goes. It’s so refreshing to have music that’s just a bit different than the norm…

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  44. Brian Bailey on

    I am going to add a new name to the mix. If I had my choice of someone to co-write a song with, it would be Jon Egan of the Desperation Band and New Life Worship. The lyrics of his songs are always Scripturally grounded and well written, and his melodies are always very singable and congregationally friendly. A very close second would be Jason Ingram. The songs that I have been singing a lot in my own personal worship times recently are co-writes of his, so I think a co-write with him would be a neat experience.

    • Jason Ingram is a phenom! In fact he is one of the guys that make up One Sonic Society, which is what the post is all about! Thanks for sharing, Brian!

  45. If I could co-write a song it would have to be with my Pastor Tom Johnson. He not only led me to the Lord but helped me to break the bonds of homosexuality. He has a great gift of song and plays the guitar very well. He has written several worship songs. His voice is one that you can listen to all day and never get tired or bored listening to it. He is truly blessed of God and at times I have sung as a backup singer for him, and he is greatly used of God.

  46. I would love to write w/ John Cooper from Skillet, get the young people more involved in worship. But that may turn others away so my second choice would be Aaron Shust,his songs are easily relatable and can be done w/ a full band or one acoustic.

  47. I like your style of doing things,but I would have to go with Paul Baloche, I have learned alot from him and the way he does things.

  48. If I could co write with anyone a song for the church, I would love to write with matt redman. I love his humble spirit and his songs are brilliant. The Lord uses his songs to speak truth into our church and my life. On a side note I love that he is a family man.
    He truly leads people in worship; joyful celebratory worship.

  49. I would write with Jon Foreman. He is one of the best lyricists I have ever heard. Amazing musician. He has the ability to make music intriguing, inspiring and poetic. He can make music so deep in meaning and yet so relevant to those listening. This type of music is important in the worship arena. And he rocks my face off!

    – Ben

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  55. I would definitely pick Paul Baloche. We worship with several of his songs at our church when I lead – our faith community greatly appreciates how his lyrics point us to God and speak directly to God about His faithfulness and love.

  56. For me it would be Chris Tomlin. His songs not only have a way of bringing you into the throne room but they are also declarative of who God is and who we are in Christ.

  57. I literally saw this tweet and thought “definitely Jason Ingram” and only after that did I realize it was a post from one sonic society:) I would also love to co-write a song with Chris Tomlin. There seems to be something different about how he/his band writes songs that really gives people a voice to God. It’s crazy really.
    Jon Foreman would also be exciting. He’s a genius at writing songs. He writes amazingly creative pieces of music that still clearly present Biblical truths.

  58. Jason Ingram – hands down. I’ve read and listened to interviews and he is the real deal.
    Every cd I am into right now he has something to do with it.
    He is truly an artist that wants to be used by God to
    write songs for the church.

  59. Well – it’s a tough question, but I would have to go with Darlene Zschech. Probably one the – if not the – most prolific and annointed worshipers of our age.

  60. Bonnie Patelesio on

    I would have to say Miriam Webster – her song Made Me Glad has got to be one of the most moving yet Psalms inspired song there is in our generation. It helps one remember Who our God is and that He is our Shield and Protection

  61. Matta Redman and Stuart Townsend

    Because, they are fabulous writers and worship leaders!
    Many songs God helped them to pen down touched, influcenced and edified and will still keep happening to the church all over the world.

    Praise God for them!


  62. I would write with Chris Tomlin. I just returned from 15 days in Cambodia working with orphans there. During worship they sang several Chris Tomlin songs. These simple lyrics translated across all language barriers and with our voices raised, some in their language some in English – I swear I thought I experienced just a bit of heaven.

    I appreciate the simplicity of Chris’ songs. It allows you to enter worship without being focused on trying to sing a ‘wordy’ song.

  63. Matt Maher. He has such a variety of styles in the music he has written. And, while there are so many great writers mentioned, I have read a great deal about how Matt believes in co-writing – and how he feels about his faith. So, for me, it would be Mr. Maher.

      • Paul Savelberg on

        Dear RUSS

        I love the fact that you take the time to comment on all entries. It takes a special person to be able to keep that focus and give everyone a unique comment. You are a great human being and no doubt a person that seeks God’s glory in all your efforts

        Fantastic to see and God Bless!!

        PS – your style and inspiration have inspired me to be more supportive of those around me!

        • Why, thank you, Paul! My goal is to let everyone know that their input is definitely encouraged and absolutely necessary to make The Worship Community a great place! Thanks again!

  64. Angela Gatchell on

    I would absolutely love to write a song with Marty Sampson. He is such an amazing artist and the songs he writes are so full of passionate expression.

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  67. Not to be biased, but I would have to say Jason Ingram. That man is on fire right now, and with his 11 Dove nominations this year, it seems as if everything he touches turns to gold. I had no idea who he was until I discovered OSS, and I looked him up and realized he has had a hand in some of my favorite worship songs ever written. Every song on both of OSS EPs has really resonated with me, as well as the community I help lead in worship. I am really looking forward to hearing the new stuff on the society EP!

  68. Amber Clemmons on

    I’m probably misspelling her name, but i’d say Natasha Batistelli. I love her music; her songs are relevant, quirky, beautiful, tear-evoking & very current. Plus I LOVE the low tone of her voice; makes singing along really easy for an alto!!! Whenever I hear her song “Beautiful, beautiful” I get filled w/ 2 different emotions: 1- I swell up w/ tears b/c of the lyrics. 2-I feel so blessed and happy and I can’t stop singing it to the top of my lungs! :)

    • Thanks for jumping in Amber! I’m not familiar with Natasha, but I’ll definitely look her up! I miss rocking worship sets with you guys at HOJ! Give everyone my love!

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