On Instagram? Join Us For Worship Photos & Discussion!


We’ve got an Instagram account set up (@theworshipcommunity).
What’s Instagram? Well, it’s a nice little niche social network devoted to sharing photos with/on your smartphone. We’ll be using it to post images related to worship: music, tech, gear, rehearsals, gatherings, sunday setlists, etc.

Also, if you want to add a layer to your Sunday Setlists experience, make sure you’re following @theworshipcommunity and using the hashtags #worshipcommunity and #SundaySetlists in your photos of your gatherings, stage sets, series graphics, actual setlists, and/or anything related to your worship experience each week!

To kick things off we’re doing a nice giveaway. Follow us (@theworshipcommunity) and comment on the today’s photo (Integrity Music’s 25th anniversary giveaway).

We’re also doing the giveaway on the front page of TWC so head over and join the discussion there as well! http://bit.ly/MPBlWR