VIDEO: Weston Skaggs – “Blush”


She was a prostitute. Just 12 hours earlier she had tried to beckon me over at a red light and I drove away, shuddering in disgust at the thought of her lifestyle. Now I saw her in the pre dawn light walking that same street: head hanging, disheveled, and carrying her heels in her hand. As I pondered that very human moment, God prodded me into the realization that I ought to feel the same distaste for my own sins as I had felt for hers the night before. Isn’t thinking of yourself as better than someone else the much greater sin? Any change that I wish to see in the world, especially during heated election season, has to begin with me addressing the brokenness in my own condition. In recent days that has often allowed me to unhand the stone i was preparing to throw. This simple confessional song will only take two minutes of your time but hopefully will help to humbly focus our hearts on our equal need for cross.” – Weston Skaggs

Songwriter & TWC friend Weston Skaggs is gifted with a unique voice in the worship world, & by voice I don’t mean simply the sound of what comes from his mouth, but the whole approach. It’s not forced, or trying to be different – it simply IS. And that is what makes Weston’s songs so moving.

Example A, this new video from Weston of his original song “Blush”. Though it may not work in most churches as a big anthemic sing-along, use it as a barren, quiet special, & it will touch every soul in the room. Take a moment to watch the video below, pick up the song via iTunes, grab the FREE CHART, & sing it yourself some Sunday soon.