LIVE from the National Worship Leader Conference


TheWorshipCommunity.Com Presents a LIVE blog/twitter feed coming directly from thousands of worshipers in Kansas City at the National Worship Leaders Conference, July 20-23 at Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas. 

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If you’re at the conference or in the Kansas City area, we’d love for you to join us Tuesday July 21 at 9:30 PM for our after-hours “Worship Meetup”. RSVP required.

How to participate:

1.  You can watch the main sessions LIVE via webcast at:

2.  Join in the conversation with thousands of worshipers both at the conference and watching from around the world through the power of live blogging and tweeting.  Brought to you by TheWorshipCommunity.Com and “Twubs.Com“.

Want to participate?  Just use Twitter to talk about the conference, and always include the #nwlc09 tag in your tweet.
Example:  wow, the live feed is awesome at TheWorshipCommunity.Com #nwlc09

If you are attending – please tag all Pictures, TwitPics, Videos with #nwlc09.  If you upload videos to YouTube or Vimeo, tweet the URL with #nwlc09 hashtag.

(note to RSS and forum subscribers, Live Feed is not embedded, to view live feed, click here)
*click “tweets” to see discussion, or “media” to see videos and pictures tagged with the #nwlc09 tag)

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Fred McKinnon is the Founder and Publisher of TheWorshipCommunity.Com. He’s also the Worship Director for St. Simons Community Church, a husband, father of 4 wonderful kids, an e-biz owner, and a self-professed web2.0 addict, blogging at

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