I Stand Before Your Throne

852throneRecently, the words to a song that I wrote a few years ago keep running through my head. I feel compelled to share them here in the hope that they will be a blessing to someone.
I Stand Before Your Throne

Lord, I come into Your presence once again
And I bow my knee before You
By Your blood, You made the way for me
There I find Your grace and mercy

I lift my hands to You alone
And I cry out “You are holy”
And as I stand before Your throne
I am in awe of what You’ve done for me

As I pondered the last line of the song I began to think about what He has done for me–the list could go on forever, but what came to my mind right away was that God has done the following for me:

Saved me through His Son Jesus
Given me peace and freedom
Healed me many times
Never condemned me
Showered me daily with His grace and mercy
Loved me unconditionally
Held me through trials
Carried me through days that were gut-wretching
Given me a hope and a future

So much more that I haven’t even put into words–He is an amazing God and I am blessed beyond words that I am His child.

Father, thank-you for Your unending love, grace, mercy, compassion, healing, restoration, deliverance, provision, help and forgiveness. I would be lost without You. Amen

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