Giveaway: Online Worship Leadership Training Course with Dwayne Moore


Worship Leaders/Pastors/Team Members:

Our good friend, Dwayne Moore at Next Level Worship, is offering a free registration (a $299 value) to his online Worship Leadership Training Course.


  1. You must be available to attend the online sessions, Sept 6 – Nov 8, Tuesday, from 8:00 – 9:30 CST.
  2. You must answer the question below in the comments to be eligible to win. All answers must be in by 12:00 MIDNIGHT EST, Thursday, August 18, 2011

To enter answer this question:

Concerning mentoring and leadership, what ONE thing has made the most impact in your life up until this point? It can be anything from something someone taught you, a book you read, an experience you’ve been through, an event, an encounter, or even something that most people wouldn’t necessarily see as a learning or growing opportunity. Positive or negative, share with us in a few sentences this thing that has helped shape you as you’ve walked your path (ministry, worship leadership, musician, team member, etc).

*** UPDATE ***

Contest closed! We’ve randomly selected a winner from the comments below! Claudia Porpiglia you’re a winner! I’ll contact you with details!


  1. While it was a tuff situation to learn in, I have learned that you can’t disregard all that you are taught by a leader simply because sin in their life is revield. When you find out your mentor has to deal with major heart issues, it doesn’t mean God didn’t still use them to stretch and teach you. I have learned not to question His ability to take from the bad and help us to see the good He can and has brought out of it.

  2. I grew up in church so I have loved the local church my whole life and God has protected me from having a big, fancy, tragic ‘come to Jesus’ transformation story to include in my testimony. But that stifled my desire to share when people – didn’t think I had anything glamorous to tell.

    The turning point for me was when a lady told me – God gave you the story He wanted you to have – your testimony of a long obedience (certainly not perfect) will speak to people.

    I started to write and blog. I talked about the life lessons God had taught me and shared from a very common point of view – nothing spectacular. People started to tell me they could relate to the struggles I face and the frustration of not being all the God calls us to be! I was shocked.

    I now have the privilege to write for several Christian websites and blog daily, I oversee the Creative Arts areas (including worship guys-band-vocalists) staff and volunteers in our ministry.

    God is good – and can use very simple people like me, it just took me a long time to believe that!

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  8. Claudia Porpiglia on

    The biggest impact for me came when I sat under a teaching on different forms of worship using our bodies. This was back in the early 90s and the teacher went through scripture and showed how different people used their hands, bodies and voices to express praise to God. Coming from a very conservative background, this was a very eye opening and ffreeing revelation and began a journey towards freedom in worship and birthed a passion in me to see others connect with God in new ways.

  9. Recently, I have been traveling around the country trying to figure out who I am and how I fit into God’s plan on earth. Here in Longview, WA of all places, I have had the most tangible encounters with the Holy Spirit I have ever had. It was surreal. I have tried for the past 23 years to figure out my calling… To figure out what I could do to serve God and how I can use my life to impact the world for His Kingdom, but I’m beginning to understand that it’s not about me. He is going to use me whether I like it or not. All I have to do is respond to his call. God gave me a passion for music, worship, and leadership, so I suppose this could potentially be a good fit!

  10. I could go all day about different situations but there is always one that stands out. I had gone through a divorce and was in full time ministry. My heart was shattered from what took place and I thought I would never do ministry or could trust anyone again. I felt alone, empty, defeated and worthless. During that time, i learned who I truly was and what I could really do in ministry.

    I was in a church service and hadn’t done any ministry for about 6 months. I felt Gods presence overtake me and made me want to do what I was created for. He preached on destiny and purpose that morning. Perhaps it was just for me that day, but I knew I had no excuses after what he did for me to blow off my destiny and purpose in life. I knew that I had to fulfill the call of God on my life. I couldn’t run away and pretend all the things he has done in and through me wasn’t worth doing again.

    Since then I finally almost 8 months later excepted some invitations again to minister in leading worship and preaching. After loosing most everything it seems exept my childing, which I have custody of, I never thought I could pick me up again. This time everything is more clear and stronger presence of the Lord everywhere I lead worship and preach. It flows from my brokeness and being real before Him. That moment, that sermon allowed me to pick myself up and believe in my gift and anointing agin. Just when I gave up, he didn’t. Every moment we have can often be a defining moment if we choose. Our moments are not to be just mere seconds to live by but be an oppertunit[y to change and support growth.

    • I thank God for your testimony because I can truly relate to it. But I am grateful that God did not allow me to be consumed in the midst of that season. I too was being called into ministry while struggling with a divorce and did not see how I could serve along with this life challenge. However, God showed me how He can use those painful times to grow me up and be a blessing to the Kingdom.
      May God Bless You, while you are a blessing to others

  11. Cole Jennette on

    I had the honor of being discipled by Aaron Keyes (name drop). The biggest thing for me what the concept that we are not just in charge of song leading, but actually leading people into encounters with Jesus. We are worship pastors, not song leaders.

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  18. I’ve learned that it is absolutely necessary to establish protocol and guidelines from the very start. I lead for many years without putting any standards, protocol or guidelines in place and it lead to many problems. It was hard to be taken seriously and as a result very hard to excersize the leadership that was expected of me. Once we established some guidelines, expectations and requirements, they were very hard to implement. The result was that some really difficult decisions had to be made and some people got hurt along the way. On occasion my character was attacked and it was very hard to take. Leadership means making difficult decisions and letting people down sometimes, but I’ve learned that it has to be done in order to move forward and do what God is leading you to do.

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  29. I am NOT entering, as I have had the pleasure of taking this class – I just wanted to share that you will NOT be disappointed – that it is VERY valuable. I was in a very confusing life space – health issues, job loss, yada, yada, yada. This class helped me get worship into my entire life. the discussions were excellent. Eventually, i will take it again! Good luck with the entries and blessings for you all!

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