Get To Know Jesus Culture’s Justin Jarvis


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Jesus Culture Music released Justin Jarvis’s acclaimed new album, Atmospheres (Live), globally through Fuel Music. Celebrating the release of the new album, Jesus Culture Music’s art director, Darren Lau, completed a compelling “Who Is Justin Jarvis” Q&A feature.


At first glance, Justin is somewhat of a quiet person.

He’s nice, genuine, and always down for a laugh. But after a few days of hanging out, it was clear that there was a mountain of psalm-like thoughts churning inside. And all it took was a delicious cup of coffee to let all those thoughts loose.

Surprising notes? He’s a self-described foodie and Dave Matthews Band fan, even though he hasn’t listened to them in years. (Who isn’t though?)

Justin! Tell us a bit about where you are right now.

I’m in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. I’ve been here going on 12 years. I’m originally from Birmingham, AL. I was born in Texas, but I moved to Birmingham when I was pretty young. I grew up there, went to high school, went to college there.* And right before I left, I was involved with a church plant there where I met most of the guys that I work with now. Two years into that, we moved down to Ft. Lauderdale to plant a church. That’s what brought me down there. I’ve been overseeing the worship and creative stuff here at the Harbour Church.

Do you feel like you’ve been able to translate that love for sound back into the church?

I hope so, you know? When I approach writing songs, I try to write stuff that musically, arrangement-wise, sound-wise I would love to listen to. And at the same time, I’ve just always had a passion to write for the church. And it’s not like I wouldn’t have wanted to do the artist thing or do something outside of church music. But for whatever reason, early on, that’s just where my heart came alive more and more. I was like a moth to a flame! I was always drawn back to songs for the church. And so for me, I’m just trying to do that to the best of my ability and do it in a way that personally, I can love and appreciate.

I want to write music that I love and I want to listen to – and at the same time, I want Jesus in it. I want revival in it. I want depth of theology in it. I don’t want rad sounding music that has no substance- that doesn’t speak to the heart.

“You can hear an incredible sermon that impacts your life and forget most of it in a few hours! But, dude, you hear a powerful song and it can stay with you for years and years.”

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