Future Worship: Great Worship Album from Stephen Jenks


From the first guitar riffs of Ransomed, with its catchy singable Chorus, to the warm and rich strings of Zion’s Call, Stephen Jenks’ Future Worship is a lovely offering of musical worship.

With vocals reminiscent of the stylings of an early CCM mainstay Steve Green, Stephen’s passionate voice soars through these songs. Weaving together a sound that reminds us of an era gone by and a more future looking worshipful rock sound, folks who like their vocals to be strong, polished, and confident will love Jenks’ voice.

For over 18 years, Stephen has led worship with Eagles’ Wings in venues large and small all over America and in 5countries. This recording represents the fruit of those years in eight original songs which carry the timeless messages of scripture in songs which express the diversity of Stephen’s musical experiences.

This CD Future Worship is an invitation to share in Stephen’s journey of worship with varied sound and styles all proclaiming the scriptural reality that worship is the place where eternity and earth come together.

Ransomed is a driving rock anthem that talks about FREEDOM! The chorus is memorable and could easily be adapted to congregational singing.

Morning Star’s classic keyboard-driven progressions feels like the way you feel when you think fondly of your childhood home. Lyrically it talks about the fire and light of Jesus. It moves along with a tight retro R&B groove to it.

I Want You (More Than I Want) brings the classic southern rock sound, complete with guitar driven riffs and hints of a Hammond B3 in the background. A great song about humbly asking God to reveal His heart.

Future Worship, the title track, brings in a little more of an electronic flavor. With synths and heavily effected vocals, it feels more modern. The song bridges the gap between the now of the present and the then of eternity.

Mystery & Majesty seems to be written specifically for Stephen’s style and delivery. To me it is the perfect marriage of musical genre and vocal style. It’s driven by piano and strings.The chorus is a singable expression of the beauty of “Christ in me, the Hope of Glory.”

God Is Light reaches back into the distant past with it’s chant-like arrangement of the intro. As the strings bring us into the verse it’s obvious that this is a melding of ancient and future. The chorus has a very singable melody. This one could be adapted well to congregational singing. The song builds to a multi-layered expression of worship that feels epic! The chant from the beginning is layered over the chorus for a neat section of counterpoint.

March On (Remix) is another electronic dance-driven song. It’s a fun arrangement!

Zion’s Call closes the album. It moves smoothly from a minor verse that conveys longing and expectation, to a beautiful major chorus that expresses the fulfillment of the promise. Telling some ancient Old Testament stories of longing and promises fulfilled through the coming of Jesus in the New Testament.

Connect with Stephen Jenks: www.stephenjenksmusic.com | www.eagleswings.to | Future Worship on iTunes

Stephen Jenks is a member of the Eagles’ Wings team, an international ministry community focused on touching Israel and the nations, strengthening and empowering believers, and training up the next generation. Through conferences and services across the United States, in Latvia, Germany, Holland, Brazil, Mexico and Israel, Stephen has had the privilege of bringing tens of thousands of believers into a living encounter with the Presence and Person of Jesus Christ. Stephen and his wife Veronica live in Upstate New York.