From The Community


The Worship Community is made up of amazing people from all over the world. Today we’d like to spotlight a few of our wonderful members and what they’re doing in the “trenches” of worship leadership and ministry.

  • Rob Rash has a great series going on on his blog called The Hour Before – Rob gathers posts from worship pastors and how they deal with The Hour Before(they lead worship/minister). These are pastors and leaders from all over the country and even as far away from Canada! It’s a look into our lives and minds and weekend process. We hope this can be encouraging and beneficial to anyone dealing with the rigors of leading our churches.
  • Terry Timm is a lead pastor/worship leader with a background in the fields of music, education, theology and leadership. He is a regular contributor to our weekly Sunday Setlists blog carnival and is a big encouragement to those who participate! He blogs about mission, worship, and transformation and also offers a dynamic and imaginative coaching service. Be sure to visit and read his blog!
  • Matt Owens blogs at He’s a worship pastor and has some great things to say!
  • Mat Reames is sharing a series of blog posts that explore the essence of electric guitar “tone” called The Soul of Tone. He enlists other worship leaders and guitarists to give a rundown of their setups, explaining their amps, guitars, and effects. They explain what each one does, and why they chose it over others like it.

Do YOU have some favorite blogs/bloggers from around the worship world you’d like to link to here? Please do so in the comment sections!

Also, if you’d like to share YOUR favorite post from your own blog, please do so in the comment section!