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Thread: Transmit Video from Video Camera Wirelessly to Computer

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    Default Transmit Video from Video Camera Wirelessly to Computer

    As part of a project to add a video projection system to our main sanctuary at my church, they also want to add a High-Tech Video Camera system so that we can record events, live stream Mass on our church website, and many other functions.

    However, due to the layout of our sanctuary (in the shape of an octagon, altar at front of octagon and then seating is around it), these cameras have to be portable and be able to move. Hence the purpose of this thread.

    Someone recently bought us two Sony HDR-CX210 5.3MP Handy Cam cameras, which have the ability to do HDMI out. What I want to be able to do is use these cameras like a Webcam, have the two cameras send the live video feed wirelessly to the control computer where our projector equipment hookup is, and then we in turn send it out as broadcast, and have the ability to switch between the two feeds.

    What I am looking for is what kind of transmitting/receiving equipment I would need to make this possible? I'm going to say my budget is around $1,000; but since I've blown the budget on the other parts of this project, it may be less than that.

    I would appreciate it any help you might be able to provide. If I am going in the wrong direction, please direct me in the right direction.


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    Paul, you will need to multiply your budget by 10, then revisit this idea. To do what you're asking is not cheap....even for 1 camera. You may be able to accomplish this for 1 camera via cables for $1k, but it would be an entry level solution at best.

    And even then, your Handy-Cams would be the weak-link in the setup...kinda like having a Ferrari & putting 25$ used tires on it.

    When I think wireless HD video, the first thing that comes to mind is the Cube rig from Teradek.

    If you want wired, I'd check into the Black Magic ATEM camera converters.
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    I was going to reply to this yesterday,,, and was going say the same thing.. There is no way you will get the set up you are talking about for $1000... Maybe wired.. (maybe) but not wireless... I suppose you could get a wifi webcam.. Or use iwebcamera on an iPhone.. But the video quality will suck,, and there's no zooming or anything like that.

    If you find something for $1000 I will be amazed, and I hope you post it here.. As I'm sure we'd all love to go wireless in our video. Realistically you are looking more in the 5-10k range for wireless.

    Oh..and I also agree on the cameras... Handy cams are to really the camera to use for the set up you are talking about.. They are more of a home video camera.. You want something like a vx2000 or better

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    first step is getting a HD camera with CMOS like the new canon's..there is your first 1000.

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