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How Do You Make Needs Known To Congregation
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Thread: How Do You Make Needs Known To Congregation

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    Default How Do You Make Needs Known To Congregation

    Hi there,

    How do you make needs known to members of your congregation when looking for some additional / backup musicians, vocalists, etc?

    Often times I wonder how many people are sitting in the pews from week to week that have the heart and the gifts but feel our worship team is a "closed" group. I don't necessarily know how those people are specifically though.

    How do you / would you potentially make a general announcement or need known in the bulletin to open up an opportunity for some of those people?

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    I like the idea of having a "Want to join the worship team" night where you put it out there that you are looking, but want to make sure they know the vision of the group and detail out the committment.
    Lov'n Jesus

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