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    Default Help me brainstorm

    We're brainstorming for an upcoming series about simplifying our lives so we can be free to follow God. Talking about reducing the "business" of our lives. The title of the series is "simplify" and we're looking for a good tag line. Any suggestions?


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    something with "disconnect" in it.

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    We are hosting a women's worship event this weekend, focusing on the same concept. SO busy with the "work" of the church and our lives, that we forget to worship God the way we all know we should. Our event is "REFUEL", and we are taking automotive theme. Tuning up your engine, cleaning out the clutter in your engine (this is women, so hopefully they will not catch the sometimes inaccurate motor references), filling up the spiritual tank with GOD not with the work of the church that junks your tank up.

    The Thesaurus gives the following for Simplify:
    make easy, intelligible; abridge, analyze, boil down, break down, break it down, chasten, clarify, clean it up, clean up, clear up, cut down, cut the frills, decipher, disentangle, disinvolve, draw a picture, elucidate, explain, facilitate, get down to basics, get to the meat, hit the high spots, interpret, lay out, let daylight in, let sunlight in, make clear, make perfectly clear, make plain, order, put in a nutshell, put one straight, reduce, shorten, spell out, streamline, unscramble

    Good Luck!

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    Jennifer, that is so cool. My husband used to be a calibration technician, and he often used the word "calibrate" to describe our spiritual journey. It's a time to compare our spirits to the standard of Christ, and align ourselves according to his will. :-) BTW, I LOVE those antonyms!

    Nate, your post reminds me of a dream I had a while ago. I was in Osteen's church looking around at various aspects of the church: Osteen's teaching, how the ushers prayed, what music was played, etc. I evaluated everything around me. Then a male usher came to me, pointed to a small group of people, and said to me "Take your focus off the church (referring to trends, logistics, etc), and focus on the healing." At that time, I was on the floor with this usher praying for healing in my lower back.

    The dream was very powerful to me because it felt like God spoke directly to me! If my focus is too much on the logistics, trends, or spiritual maturity of the church, I'm missing out on what God is calling me (and/or the church) to do: heal people. So, a possible tagline could be "Simply focus on Christ."

    Just a thought! Keep us posted with what you decide. Blessings!!!
    Melanie Siewert, Christ's Servant

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    Out of that list I like "Break it Down."

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    One I like-

    Keep the main thing the main thing

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