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Thread: Hillsong's "With Everything"

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    Hi, all! This is my first post on here...glad to be here!

    I was just curious if anyone had any experience with teaching Hillsong's "With Everything" to a congregation. It's a fairly challenging song if you're not a professional singer and I was curious what churches have done with it to make it accessible to the average congregant.

    For context, we are an American church in Northwest Iowa. About 600 people attend our worship gatherings; we have a "contemporary" band (multiple guitars, drums, all that) and a congregation that really enjoys new music and - once comfortable with a song - can really "get into" worship. The congregation though sometimes is hesitant at singing very loud or clapping without direct instructions/example from the platform.

    Thanks for your thoughts.

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    This is a pretty wordy song, and, as you said, it is challenging.

    I think the best way to start, after the team has performed it at least once, is to have a soloist sing the verses, and teach the congregation the pre-chorus and choruses. Once they know them, encourage them to sing along on the verses, too.

    VERSE 1:
    Open our eyes
    To see the things that make Your heart cry
    To be the church that You would desire
    Your light to be seen

    VERSE 2:
    Break down our pride
    And all the walls we’ve built up inside
    Our earthly crowns and all our desires
    We lay at Your feet

    Let hope rise
    And darkness tremble
    In Your holy light
    That every eye will see
    Jesus our God
    Great and mighty to be praised

    VERSE 3:
    God of all days
    Glorious in all of Your ways
    Oh the majesty the wonder and grace
    In the light of Your Name

    With everything
    With everything
    We will shout for Your glory
    With everything
    With everything
    We will shout forth Your praise

    CHORUS 2:
    Our hearts they cry
    Be glorified
    Be lifted high above all names
    For You our King
    With everything
    We will shout forth Your praise

    This is a great song. It would fit my church very well right now, as some in our body don't want to follow where the Lord is leading the church.


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    We've done that one! It's become a really power song in our congregation. I think we actually did this one as a "special music" selection once and said explicitly that we were going to do this one again in a few weeks, but before they started learning it, we wanted to sing it "over them" where they could experience what it sounded like, see the words without having to sing them, and get them familiar with the parts. It seemed to work because the next time we did it, they pretty music just took off with it. People, it seems, have a harder time learning a new song if they go into it cold, but this was a good primer.

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    We use this song. Can't say that everyone sings it, but that doesn't mean it's not a useful song.


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    We do it! So good
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