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Thread: Mother's Day Songs

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    Default Mother's Day Songs

    Anyone have any suggestions for any decent Mother's Day tunes? I saw the thread from last year and there were a couple of good suggestions (EG: Aaron Shust - "More Wonderful). Last year, I think we played "Thank You Mom" by Good Charlotte. Pretty good song with surprisingly faith-based lyrics.

    What are you playing next week? Hook a brother up!

    Grace and peace,

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    I have a suggestion (not directed at you specifically, but in general) that I know is not very popular for some: don't focus on mothers. Mother's Day is a very painful day for many people. Some due to infertility or miscarriage or infant loss. Some due to difficult relationships with their mothers. Some due to difficult relationships with their children.

    Obviously the Scripture holds mothers in high regard and has a lot of specific instruction for mothers, and I'm not suggesting that the subject be avoided entirely, although there's certainly no requirement do discuss it on that particular day either.

    But I urge all to be sensitive to people who might be hurting at this time of year.

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    Default Mother's Day Songs

    hey man. I wrote a blog post on this a few weeks ago. Everything from Snoop Dog to Lonestar!

    Some Mother’s Day Songs for Church Praise and Worship

    Everyone's has a mom, what a great day to honor and celebrate everything they do!

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    This year we're touching briefly on a 'faithfulness' theme for Mother's Day.
    So although it's older, we're singing "The Steadfast Love of the Lord" into "Great is Thy Faithfulness". We're also singing "I Call You Faithful".

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    As a personal preference, I have a pretty intense dislike of seasonal church focus. The music is usually cheesy or contrived and the sermons/talks/whatevers are rarely good.

    Again, just my opinion, but I thought I'd throw it out there. I KNOW that there are people who feel the same way.
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