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Hello from The Netherlands!

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  • Hello from The Netherlands!


    I am so happy to join this forum!

    I drum for 10 years already, nowadays I'm a worship drummer for almost a year, looking to learn more and enhance my abilities to serve and learn how to help better as a team member.

    I got baptized last year and it has been the best choice I have ever done in my life. It was two weeks after I came to know I suffered from a burnout and I had to stop every single activity I was doing, hobby's included. Crazy if I think about it, God's time is just perfect. Since that baptism day, I never felt so much love and so much near God... He really changed my life into a blessing. I have learned tons of things and the first thing that God gifted me after that day was to become worship drummer. For me it's a blessing, honor and dedication each time, which I love and enjoy so much.

    After the burnout recovery, I'm slowly back to activities, but I still have to be quite careful.
    I'm running two businesses (one part-time, doesn't require many hours at all) and finishing 4 exams next year for my graduation, besides I'm kind of taking music more and more serious, so I have opened a VLOG and actively study/practice to improve.
    I'm quite a busy person but what actually made me burn out was the heavy past that I have been dragging with my back and especially in 2016 when I overworked myself with studying and making the worst mistake in my life, drinking red-bull. (never again, ever, wakala)

    I manage my activities pretty good, I feel I have a lot of free time and a lot of freedom, I feel really blessed that God is allowing me to pursue my dreams and my passions.

    Besides all this adventures, I want to grow in my faith. I want to get to know Jesus better and what the Bible says, I many times struggle with my faith when certain issues happen in my life. I think this is probably the right place where I can learn more and at the same time share my knowledge in the hope that it can help others


    Entrepeneur | Vlogger | Drummer | Loves Jesus