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  • Hello from Florida

    Hello, My name is Joseph Sowers from St Petersburg, FL and I am a native Floridian, born and raised here. Where to begin...I have been married for almost 25 years to Lynn and have five daughters from the ages of eight to 21 - the oldest one married last year. I have been a Youth Pastor for the past 20 years at the Grace Brethren Church in Pinellas Park. I picked up the guitar in 1999 after having spent a long time wanting to learn it and with a little help from a young man learned to play a few chords. Fast forward to the end of 2005 and after our music leader left to start a church in another town; I, along with a dear friend, stepped in to lead the music portion of our worship service - soon after, he was called to serve at a church in North Carolina. Since about April 2006 I have been leading the music ministry in our church. We are blessed to have a team that ranges in ages from 16 to almost 60. I am realistic about my abilities though my wife says I am better than I give myself credit for. I have served as an elder within our body for about the last 18 years. I work full time for the state of Florida within the environmental compliance and cleanup realm. Needless to say, I can find times when I am a bit on the busy side. But the Lord has blessed me greatly by providing young men I can mentor to help with teaching in youth ministry and a music team that is faithful, gracious, and who shares my passion for bringing honor and glory to the Lord by using the talents He has given us as we join our brothers and sisters in worshipping Him.
    Hopefully not too transparent for the first post but here I go - I know that the Lord is faithful and that He has called me to be faithful as well. I want so much to improve my abilities both in playing and leading but finding sufficient time to do so can be a struggle. Attending conferences is almost a non-starter for various reasons, though I feel at times it may be worth the sacrifice of time and finances.
    I can tend to be very hard on myself but it seems the Lord has surrounded me with people who have the gift of encouragement - especially my wife, daughters, Senior Pastor, and fellow music team members. One of my most heartfelt desires is for my brothers and sisters, inside our part of the body, to understand what it means to truly worship and respond to the One who has set us free from sin and death; that worship flows from a thankful heart.
    My prayer is that I will find encouragement here as well as ideas and insights that I can put into use in the ministries the Lord has me involved in.

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    I brought a team of students to st Pete's last year to work with habitat for humanity. We also spent some time cleaning up Pinellas park and the lake with a group called "Keep Pinellas County Beautiful"

    Welcome to the forum

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      Welcome to TWC, Joseph. Glad you found us. I think you have much you can offer this community, and hopefully, the community can offer much to help you. That's why we are here.


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        Really very interesting and informative forum. I like it.


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          Welcome to the forums, Joseph! I am one of five daughters in my family, so I understand the "too much estrogen" in the house with that large of a family. :-) Seems you have a great wealth of wisdom. We can all learn from you as well. Feel free to share what the Lord places on your heart. Blessings to you!!!
          Melanie Siewert, Christ's Servant
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            Thank you all for your warm welcome. I look forward to be able to finding help and encouragement as well as provide some too. :-)