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  • My Introduction :]

    Where to begin?

    My name is Emily Johnson and I'm from Ohio. I'm from Sandusky, but I currently live in Kent because of school. I actually 'Stumble-Upon'ed this website and thought that it seemed like a great way to deepen worship and to meet others with the same passion as me. It'd be great to have a support group to help along the way.

    As far as church goes, I am actively involved at two churches, The Church of Truth Ministries and New Life Church. I attend youth at new life because everyone who attends is around my age and we have great lessons. At Truth Ministries, however, I am very much involved when I can be.

    It all began when I stepped up and started participating in worship at youth group. Then, I somehow became the worship leader for the youth. Through the process of that and with helping repair and decorate our new church building a few years ago, I became very close with the church leadership, and therefore became more involved. I started performing with the actual church worship team, and through a series of events, became the leader of that team as well. My involvement didn't stop there though; I filled a need in the church as a Sunday school teacher for the preschoolers and stepped up in the youth as a female mentor since the majority of the youth members are much younger than me. Unfortunately though, I had to step down from all of that to return to Kent for school.

    Over the course of this school year, God has been making major changes in my life. My faith is stronger than it's ever been, I have a fire inside of me, and he's revealed my calling to me. I've been constantly upgrading and evolving my life. Back home, the same thing is happening at church. Our youth pastor had to step up and become the actual pastor, so they hired a new youth pastor. The strange part is that the youth pastor they hired was one of the older kids that attended youth when I first started going there, and started our worship team(and eventually got em involved). So that within itself is just a blessing. Anyways, he asked me if I would help him out and step up as the Assistant Youth Director this summer since the youth group is constantly growing and there are a significant number of girls. I thought this was all strange because at the time, God was really putting it in my heart to pursue ministry...more specifically, youth ministry.

    I've ignored the calling for so long because I was never where I wanted to be in my faith, but over the course of this year everything has fallen into place beautifully. I've decided to pursue my calling and I'm in the process of trying to transfer to Malone University (If any of you go there or know anyone who goes there, I'd love to chat). Also, I've decided to accept the position and help with the youth this summer and start up a worship team in hopes that I can possibly reach someone and help someone change the way that I have.

    So to answer the question of how worship and church fits into my life, it is my life. Plain and simple. Sorry for the long answer, but I honestly couldn't have described the importance of it in any other way.

    Thank You and God Bless
    <3 Em

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    Emily, welcome to TWC. What a beautiful testimony of God working in your life! The best way to benefit from TWC is through the forums. There are posts on just about every subject you can come up with. Join in on the conversations, or start your own thread if there is something we haven't covered yet.
    Glad you found us. We can be a blessing to you, and you can be one to us.